Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friday's Fantasy

Lesbians ... Oh don't you wish

This week is gonna be different
This fantasy is one
that I think men
would like to explore

just for the record
and it is going to appear more
as a


than a fantasy

A few days ago I wrote about
the unreal questions men
have asked me,

of late mostly,

but the muse, well
she gets them too apparently

but I am getting ahead of myself
so let me back up

*double entendre's abound
enter at your own risk

Over a year ago
the muse invited me
to join her for an evening
at the VFW

It is in her neighborhood
there are some people there
that she has known
her entire life or most of it

there was also a
covert mission involved
to see a man that she
cares deeply for, but
he is no longer "available"
and she just wanted
a room with a view
to see him,
from afar.

We went on a Monday night
because it is
Darts Night
obviously he plays
darts, or throws, or whatever
you would say

Now we don't go every week
sometimes once a month
or twice tops

We usually sit at the bar,
visit with each other
have our own little inside jokes
and laugh while
getting pizzuphin
or snockered
or drunk.

Now we know the bartender,
a woman, very well,
and she is very good to us

On more than one occasion
I have heard men ask her
if we


if we are


now, depending on who
was asking
will determine her response

(I told you, she takes good
care of us)

Anyway, we have this
running joke about how
it is a good thing we are
lesbians, or we might be interested
in some of those old coots
by closing time...

No Big Deal.

A few days ago I blogged about
giving Muse
He who counts the beer

and it is going well between them
and she saw him last night

guess what his question was...


the same question many men
have asked me, but given our
rep at the VFW
and what a nice guy I


he was...

(no, he is, he just doesn't know better)

He asked
if she

had ever been

with another woman...

now my immediate answer to that
is another question

Well have you ever
been with another man?

and that is exactly what she asked him...

and this morning
after getting her email
she sent late last night on the topic

I laughed nearly the entire hour
it takes me to walk 4 miles

Men think
girl on girl action is hot

Man on Man action is gross

explain that one to me?

Personally, I don't want
to watch either or
be a part of it.

So guys,

you could say that you think
girl on girl action is hot
and ask what she thinks,

but don't ask if she has
been with a woman,

cuz, if it is what I have heard
about women who do

they prefer it to men...

so that is just shooting
your self in the...

well you know...

oh and for my fantasy this week...

A cool Saturday morning
sitting on a blanket
next to the river
in San Marcos
spending hours
drinking cheap wine and
sensually kissing
my favorite geocaching
partner, who,
I still miss, and I haven't

seen him for over a year.

I would love to have that morning back.

Not enough wine, not enough time, not enough you....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Men...... and the Questions

They have the nerve to ask me

The experiment continues.
(see previous posts for clarification, if needed)

And as I am meeting new people

I have found
that men who haven't
met you in person
are very brazen
on the phone

It is worse to me
than being in a bar
which we so affectionately
refer to as a
meat market.

I am going to be very blunt here
because I am in a
not-so-nice mood
this morning. I have been
waiting just for this mood
to write this post, and I waited for several days.

Mr. BD, we will call him
because he has already confided in me
some crucial information
that I will get to
in a minute.

Anyway, Mr. BD, who
drove from Houston to meet me
on Saturday,
asked me last week,
on the phone...

Do you like oral sex?

Do you shave?

What if all you could have is oral sex?

Ummm... if all I could have is oral sex
I might as well be
a lesbian...

and that isn't to say that I don't like
giving or receiving
at my age
and the men I meet
and some of their limited

I better enjoy it, or I won't be
enjoying anything.

Although, since my afternoon
with Mr. Duvall

ummm I want all the plumbing working
and I know it can even when 14 years older
than me, and multiple times

how's that for an answer?

Then because I made it clear
that even if he drove all the way
to see me
(I won't be driving to Houston
for anything, anytime soon... )
he didn't need to think he would
be hanging out at my place.
I don't invite people I don't know
to my home...

So then the question was

Are you still married?

and no, I am not, and a sufficient
amount of time has passed
I am in no danger of returning
to my ex
out of fear of the unknown
or for security
I am a big girl, I can take care of myself.

have you figured out his moniker yet?

Ummm ... as for the other question
regarding shaving
I could have really had some fun
with it,
but I just let it fly...

I mean,

shave? shave what?

I have good hygenic practices,
and my legs and armpits
are shaved regularly
as for other areas,

yeah I know a man likes them
as I do like a man to be trimmed

but did I ask him?

Do you trim your bushes?


Did I ask him...

So what is your length and circumference?

The most important question

Can you achieve a strong erection
at least once a day?

How soon can you regain it?

Will you practice sufficient foreplay?

Have you had enough experience to
have a core knowledge of a woman's
anatomy and how to please her?

Now those are my questions...

and I don't ask them,
not even when drinking
and brazenly having a discussion on the phone...



that wasn't the worst question

Mr. Harley Davidson,

He had the balls to ask me
*I meet guys with really big balls or none,
what can I say

How many signficant relationships
have you had?

yeah, he did

I said,

every relationship has been
significant in some manner..

so he rephrased

How many men had I slept with?

I was stunned

you don't ask a woman or a man
that question

if they are the opposite sex
and only a man
who has had fewer women
than he can count on his hands
would ask that question

so I turned it right back on him

and asked him

of course

he showed me his cards
as in 4 and he married all 4 of them


and no, I didn't answer him,
nor will I share it here.

You know, I have done my fair share
of blind dates,
or meeting someone and
going out before I know
anything about them.

I am very choosy about the
questions I do ask

that isn't to say that I am
not curious

about many things
but I also know that
I don't want to have

the big
Life History over
dinner conversation

only to not have a second date
either his choice or mine

so I don't ask those questions
what his vocation is
number of siblings
amount of time since divorce
(although, I am finding I should
ask this one first thing, it is the
one that impacts me the most)

and so on

Muse fusses at me, when
I cannot tell her vivid details
about a new guy,
regarding the ways we usually
sum up a person

Where does he live
what does he do


I am looking at the inside
what he does,
where he lives,
doesn't matter
as long as he is happy doing it
and likes his neighborhood
and is neighborly.


the fastest way to stir
up my
inner bitch
is to ask those questions above


Mr. Harley Davidson asked
me his question at dinner.
I came home and the next
morning, I was in the shower
trying to figure out how to write
a post about it
and had the thought,
the only question I would find
as offensive
was if I shaved...

and then, not two hours later
I was asked that one too...

Now I know you guys want to know
just as I want to know the ones I wrote
but I would never ask bluntly, on the phone
I would discover

and you should too...

right after you ask the question about
communicable diseases and birth control.
That is appropriate before sex has begun, not after...

PS> Mr. BD?

Broken Dick, hence the questions
he can't get it up anymore...

Let's see, I am 43, my grandmother is
97, that is over 50 more years
I may live... and with sex so...
ummm no, I want the plumbing working


Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking

I am on my way
to see Mr. Duvall
for the afternoon...
she giggles,
she grins,

when he called this morning
to confirm our plans

she asked,

Is there anything you would
like me to bring?

Thinking he might say...

oh you know, something like

Chocolate Body Paint... or

somthing to that effect

but no, he just said...

Bring that attitude of yours

oh, and when he called

I was with the muse
and when I told her
what he said

she laughed and said

Doesn't he know he is giving you


Attitude Adjustment?

I don't think he realizes that
because when I talk to him,

I am upbeat, cheerful

most of all

EAGER to see him

have him

and enjoy him,

but I didn't tell the muse

but she knows it

ok, ok, so the
bitchiness in me
has been showing of late

not after this afternoon... lol

For once
in weeks, or near months

I am grinning from ear to ear

and now

I must leave

for my

Attitude Adjustment ...

yeah, that's it.

oh.. and the title of the post?

well it wasn't a done deal
til this morning, so I didn't
know for sure I would see
him today...

but I was planning on it just the same


those things do work out for me

just not all the time.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fortune Cookie

My friend,

My new friend,

that drove so far to see me today


he took me to eat at my favorite place

or at least one of them

PF Changs

and so I got another


Your principles mean more to you

than any money or success ... in bed

and out.

It was a great fortune

and a great lunch

oopsss... have to go get ready

for my evening out on the town

hope you are all having a great Saturday

oh and

pssst... I know you (you know who) are reading
hee hee hee

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday's Fantasy

I know it's early,
but I will be out
of pocket tomorrow
and didn't want to disappoint.
I have been distracted today,
so it isn't the best writing I have done.

Funny, every time
I started to think about this week's fantasy…
I was like… damn the fantasy…
I am more than ready for
a good old fashioned roll in the hay…
but you know, a good fantasy
wouldn’t hurt me either…

a dry spell, yes it is

From the minute she stepped on the boat,
she was no longer thinking
she might not be able to travel alone.
There were people everywhere

She took her bags to her cabin
And returned to the deck
For the Bon Voyage

Then she sought out the closest bar
For a glass
Or a bottle
Of champagne

She was determined to have a good time
Even if she was on a cruise alone

She sat at her table
Thinking over her choices
And hoping this trip helped
Her make some major decisions in her life

She noticed a man at the bar
Just a regular Joe
But he kept glancing her way

She looked at his hand to see
If there was a ring

But she couldn’t tell right away
She waited to see if someone joined him

And then, someone did
A young man and a young woman
At least in their early 20’s but not more

They stayed for a moment,
Then as they left
The young man said
“See Ya at dinner, Dad”

Hmmm she thought
He might be alone…
She finishes her second glass
Of champagne

And went out to watch the sunset
It was a beautiful
Deep reds to oranges
A Painted Sunset

She stood in deep thought

Hello, she heard a deep voice say
From her right side
She turns and there
Stands a man

The same one she saw in the bar

Hello … she replies

I couldn’t help but notice there was
No one with you in the bar
Or on deck, are you traveling alone?

He ventured

She smiled and replied

That’s a dangerous question to answer
Tell me, are you traveling alone

He smirked
Technically, I am not,
But I am not in the company of a woman

She contemplated and then returned the gesture

I am not in the company of a man either, so
We could visit and keep each other company

So they stood for a while and watched the sun
Dip into the deep blue sea

The stars came out
And they talked of the constellations
And admired the moon

He invited her to join him for dinner and she did

Then he walked her politely back to her
Said goodnight
And kissed her
After she agreed to meet him
After breakfast

As he kissed her
She threw all caution to the wind
Invited him to come in
For a night cap

She giggled as she said it
She had no intention of
Any drinking to take place

He grinned and said
How could I say no?

You can’t… she giggled

She pushed him onto the bed
Instead of unbuttoning his shirt
She ripped it off and buttons flew everywhere

She grabbed his belt and unbuckled it
And his pants came off in a flash
She noticed he had slipped out of his shoes
So she took her teeth and pulled each sock
Off of his foot
As he watched

Then she unbuttoned her blouse
To expose a very lacy bra
And then her pants slipped off
Showing off her lace undies
And her freshly shaven clit
She had on thigh high stockings

Which came off slowly after
She raised her leg and placed her foot by
His thigh on the bed
She slowly rolled each stocking off
As he watched

She could see his dick harden
Even moreso than when they came in the room

She pulled back the covers
On the bed
And bent down over him
First she kissed his ear,
Then his neck

Moving down to his nipples
Which stood erect
Waiting for her

He loved it when she sucked on them
She kissed down his stomach
Sticking her tongue in his
Belly button

She raised up and removed the bra
And his underwear
And dragged her
Nipples on either side of his
Throbbing hard on

As she took him into her mouth
Caressing his testicles in her hand

She began pumping
Taking him into her mouth and throat
And humming to create vibration

He was moaning with pleasure
And then began pulling her
Toward him
So she raised up

Straddling him
And plunged herself down on him

And they began rocking

Kissing, biting, holding on for dear life
Until they both came and came and came

And then they collapsed on the bed

They laid there quietly for a few minutes

And then she asked

“so you got the kids settled in their rooms alright?”

“yes, and they didn’t even see you get on board,
you would think that they would notice their mother
in a crowd”

and they laughed and kissed
and said goodnight and fell asleep
in each other’s arms.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Something's Gotta Give

The movie is on

this weekend

each night

watch it

It's great

and you will know

well, let's just say

art imitates life

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Posted early for those early birds

Let's Toast..... "Cheers... up"

The muse and I went to our favorite hang out, where we can talk and laugh

and generally have fun and feel safe

with friends...well sort of

so we were at the VFW last night

she is just getting over bronchitis

and is now off meds

but she may be pickled with Bud

we were going to go early and leave early

we went early

we left just before midnight

every time she got a beer she and I would toast

and she would say


after we said cheers

our friend, Mr. Counter of the Beers

was there...

and the man the muse has spent the majority of her life with
who is still a big part of her life,

isn't it grand that they can be friends?

I think so

it was fun, the time flew,

I hardly knew how late it was getting

and then it was


and then we had the paint inspection.

The muse is painting her kitchen so Mr. Counter of the Beers came over to her house with us to inspect her work...

I came home and left them

ummm counting beers, yeah, that's the ticket

Now we are even,

she felt bad about introducing me to someone,

and I cheered her up by giving up my dibs
Mr. Counter of the Beers

I mean, I could have been doing "inventory" with him,

instead of her,

but you know, she was interested and I wasn't....

at least not right now...

and it wouldn't be good form

to become interested in him later...

so I hope the count came out even

*she said with evil grin on her face (hey, at least I am smiling)


up everyone, have one for me

I drank my rum with diet coke, yes, I fell off the wagon, and then...

then I couldn't sleep...

so today it is back to green tea.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I love my pool...

Have I expressed how much I love going to the pool each day?

It is great.

What is especially great

Besides the fact I don't have to pay for the water
and I don't have to clean it or maintain it

is that I am the only person


at the pool
each and every day.

Now, others do go to the pool,

I have seen them there,

late in the afternoon,

after the shade has come

but me

I go to get some sun

and enjoy the water

it is part of my therapy

therapy? yes, me taking care of me


after several days at the pool alone

not but one dinner with RJ in over a week

and seeing very little of the muse after our trip

I became a bit lonely and decided I would like some company

One day, RJ called to visit, and was coming over to hang out at the pool,

but he asked me, when he called,
what I was doing

UMMMM you don't want to know

I told him

I actually, as much as I don't want to admit it

was filling out an online dating profile. I was not/am not/will not join the service, but if someone writes to me and tells me how to get in touch with them,

well I might...

get in touch with them that is

anyway when RJ was here
and we were swimming
Last Sunday
I told him what I had been doing

then he mentions that he had heard
through some men's journal or email or something
that Craigslist has an online
classified ad section that is for singles meeting

hmmmm might have to check that out...

so I did
and I thought

hmmmm if I put an ad on here, with a picture
(before you go look, I have already removed it)

I wonder how many responses it will get in comparison to the online dating service profile

I wrote something simple

like professional single woman tired of sitting by the pool alone looking for gentleman for adventure

and posted a picture

I have had about 20 responses since Wednesday, I pulled the ad Sunday morning

I had planned on writing this post today, so I have been keeping track of the online dating service emails too, which wasn't difficult


but then, I come home from a very unexpectedly good dinner with a very funny man I met from Craigs list and there were two emails from the online dating

Of Course neither gave me an email address, and I am not joining

so Craigslist wins, hands down

now of the responses I received, 5 were just perverts, you can spot them a mile away

I have met three and all were nice guys

The first one I met was very interesting
as was the one I met today

but you know, I am still struggling with a "recovery" from the last one

so I am really just looking for friends and distractions

I haven't lied to any of them, told them all just looking for people to hang out with
after all
some of the best relationships start out as friendships...

but hey, if you are thinking about trying to meet people online,

be savvy, do you homework, weed out the bad risks
but do it without paying a monthly charge and choose craigslist

You never know...

I did ask for a picture since mine was posted,

I posted mine to weed out those who might not be interested after they saw my picture and saved myself some emails

and I asked them to be single and honest

Now we may not know if they are all honest, but if you say it,

well it is safer than letting them think you will converse with anyone

here are the stats

3 younger than me

3 live out of town and just want to have dinner when they are here for different reasons,... that's cool., one of them is a teacher also, so common ground

2 older, met them, make me laugh and we had fun... and they liked me, so that is good

1 is out of country on business but wants to meet when he gets back in August

2 lost interest when I didn't respond to their emails quickly enough

1 lives in Austin, I am not interested in those gas bills, so I might meet him, but doubt it will go anywhere

3 I am still conversing with and think I will probably meet them this week

all in all, I am thinking two will probably hang around, maybe three, and I will have some new friends to do things with and maybe, someday, something more

but then again, if they all fall to the wayside,

I had an adventure meeting new people

and after I laughed as much as I did today with Mr. HD (short for Harley Davidson)

well then it was worth it... it was good to laugh and have fun

I needed it.

Oh and the pool today,

man it was great, I even stayed longer than usual and I have the pink face to show it

and no,

no one else was there, but me, on a Sunday afternoon

think I will take the day off from the pool tomorrow

besides Mr. HD and I are having a taco at my favorite Mexican restaurant after my walk...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pssst!!! How much for a joint?

Today the Muse told me about a school superintendent in our fair city who was arrested last night.

He was caught in the park
THE PARK closest to my HOUSE
trying to solicit an undercover police officer
for SEX

A few days ago
I was doing my laundry
and even though the laundry room
is right outside my living room window
someone snatched my laundry basket
actually it was a basket I inherited
from a freak of nature
but none the less
it was the basket I took my laundry out there in
and the one I would have used to bring it in

So I didn't have a basket
so as I took my laundry out of the dryer
I was folding it and placing it in neat piles
on top of the dryer

There is a guy in the building behind me
that I have suspected for months is a drug dealer
and have recently learned that they are evicting him shortly

Anyway, some sleazy young ladies
and this guy were in the parking lot
talking, playing hip hop music verging on nasty rap
and smoking a joint in a car
right outside the door to the laundry
I could see it
I could smell it

as much stress as I have been under of late
I was so tempted to ask them to sell one to me


Yeah I shared this thought with the Muse

and she had the gall to ask me

why not?

ummmm the superintendent who got caught trying to buy sex?

As soon as he realized what was going on
He said something to the effect of
"I just pissed away my career and my son's education"

Uh yeah, was a piece of ass worth that?

Just as much as a joint would be worth mine

THAT is why I DIDN'T ask...

Man, sometimes it sucks to be a grown up and weigh the pro's and con's.

Friday Fantasy

Prologue: Every time I start thinking about the various fantasies I have
I notice that instead of me "receiving"

I think of me "giving" or "doing" first

I guess because I feel like the more you put into something
the more you will get out of it.

and then, the negative side of that is
that I like pleasing a man, if that can be seen negatively... I don't think a man would see it negatively;)

Ok, on with the show, it is a short one this week, my attention span has been short all week...

She is sitting by the pool
as usual, she is the only one there
it is as if she has her own private pool,
even though anyone in her complex could go swimming as well

she is floating in a round blow up chair,

black swimsuit and golden tan showing
her floral cap with broad bill shading her face
sunglasses perched on her nose
the sun is beating down,
there is a light breeze so she floats all around the pool
the birds are singing in the trees and there is the light hum of the ac units in the background
The new young maintenance man with the gorgeous body
has walked by several times
at first he wouldn't look at all
then she caught him take a glance or two in her direction
because, she was
of course
looking at his bronze muscles each time he walked by

then he began staring at her as he walked by
unafraid to meet her gaze
a small smile came across his face

on the next trip by,
he winked, just to see if she would catch it,
or so she thought
and she did

then she returned to reading her book,
as she did each time after his exit from the courtyard
time passed,
her thoughts were in her book

and then she looked up as she noticed something in front of her
it was him,
he smiled and she smiled
he took off his shirt
and she smiled and laughed a little
his boots and socks were already off, she saw them behind him
by the gate
he took off his jean, to reveal
white boxer shorts,
in contrast to his golden skin
and she felt goosebumps rise on her arm
he stretched his arm toward her and
bent his finger to and fro as
to call her to him
she slipped out of the
floating chair
into the cool water
her book discarded in the chair
he stood on the edge of the pool and dove in
as he rose out of the water
he was standing right in front of her
he leaned in to kiss her
one hand behind her back and the other
removing her hat and tossing it to land
she removed her sun glasses
and he removed his boxer shorts
showing her how much he wanted her
she looked around,
there was no one, as usual
she slipped off her swimsuit
and surprised him
with her freshly shaven pussy.
His hands were all over her
kissing her deeply
and taking in every part of her body
She was grasping his butt
feeling how firm his body was
alll over
and wrapping her legs around him
teasing his cock
finally he moved her to the edge of the pool
and made love to her with her back against the edge

all of the sudden she noticed her book was wet
she had drifted off and dropped her hand
and the book got wet in the pool
She looked up and the
maintenance man was walking by again
but his gaze never left the path he was on
she got out of the pool and went in for the day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

That's Life

Frank wrote it...

That's life, that's what all the people say.
You're riding high in April,
Shot down in May
But I know I'm gonna change that tune,
When I'm back on top, back on top in June.

I said that's life, and as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks,
Stompin' on a dream
But I don't let it, let it get me down,
'Cause this fine ol' world it keeps spinning around

I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,
A poet, a pawn and a king.
I've been up and down and over and out
And I know one thing:
Each time I find myself, flat on my face,
I pick myself up and get back in the race.

That's life
I tell ya, I can't deny it,
I thought of quitting baby,
But my heart just ain't gonna buy it.
And if I didn't think it was worth one single try,
I'd jump right on a big bird and then I'd fly

I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,
A poet, a pawn and a king.
I've been up and down and over and out
And I know one thing:
Each time I find myself laying flat on my face,
I just pick myself up and get back in the race

That's life
That's life and I can't deny it
Many times I thought of cutting out
But my heart won't buy it
But if there's nothing shakin' come this here july
I'm gonna roll myself up in a big ball and die
My, My

Sunday, July 09, 2006

By the Light of the Moon

I went to the animal fair

The birds and the beasts were there

The big baboon

By the light of the moon

Was combing his auburn hair

The monkey he got drunk

And sat on the elephant's trunk

The elephant sneezed

And fell to his knees

but what became of the monk?

the monk...

the monk...

Today was a very busy day

After a fitful night of less than no rest

I got up and got ready for church

I was able to wear a dress that I haven't been able to wear in over a year

and I wore my new shoes I bought for me,

not for work, or walking, or anything

but just for feel pretty

I have been wanting to go to church to hear some traditional hymns

I keep thinking that if I hear them, and sing them

I will get back in the mood to sing along to my music

Today was the perfect day to go,

We sang

Amazing Grace
Blessed Assurance
How Great Thou Art

oh and 3 others I knew fairly well, and I can't recall them right now

Then, I went to see the Muse, who is under the weather ever since our journey to the beach. She sent home food she and her s/o prepared last night and fresh tomatoes from a friend of a friend.

I rush home so that RJ can come over to swim,

his daughter was going to the movies right by my house, so the plan was that he would hang out with me at the pool til the movie was over.

Well, then I find out the movie starts after 4 pm...

ummm I heated up some food, watered plants, ate lunch and then went to the pool at 2.

RJ showed up at 4, with a great big bottle of Dasani for me... what a guy... and we played in the water for an hour or so. I even got out the fun noodle... so you know we were having a blast.

After a while he came in with me to look at some minor projects I need some help with and we chatted until he had to go get his daughter...

I ate dinner and went for my walk...

Now my walk is a 4 mile walk

Usually I go in the morning, but this morning I went to church.

So I leave my abode at 8:30 pm, and it is getting dusky out

The first half mile and last half mile of my walk is the same path through a residential area with some diverse housing.

I have found one of them, that is the epitome of my dream house, so now it is "Bennu's House" and I refer to it as such each day

* when I told RJ I had found my dream house, he surmised it was one of the fancy smancy houses close to my abode, and how offended was I? extremely... then when he saw it, he had to eat his words...

One half of my walk after that is made up of trees and a narrow curving street with huge houses on one side.

The other half is primarily a retail business district from another era.

Sometimes I go one way first and loop around and sometimes I go the other... you know... variety is the spice of life

anyway, tonight I chose the tree lined residential route first,

knowing it is a very dark stretch of road and the earlier I traverse it, the better

I was just coming out of the first half mile, crossing the rail road tracks

talking to someone out loud as if they can hear me transcendentally,

and I looked up,

I looked up and saw the moon,

It was full and bright

and to me was brimming over with hope and good wishes

a smile came to me

and then I thought of the last full moon I looked up to admire

I so wanted those good thoughts and hope that evening

but I could only be sad, I knew,

I knew it was a fleeting moment that would never return,

and now, just as I have freed myself

asking to be let go of something bigger than me,

I look up and see the same moon, just a few weeks later,

with such a joy and free heart,

Then as I walked the tree lined street,

the moon peeked through the trees

as if he were watching over me

making me feel safe

It was a magical mile for me,

A peace came over me,

I smiled and laughed and then I cried

with such relief...

and then, then I turned at the corner to loop around and head home,

I came out of the residential into the commercial retail

where all the shops were dark and the people gone

the street didn't have it's usual hustle and bustle to it

It seemed lonely

and it rubbed off on me

as I returned to the railroad tracks, I thought

how nice it was to see my usual walk with such a new perspective

and now I could do the same with my life

It is still my life,

but a new perspective would be a good way

to add a little spice.

I hope you were able to see the moon tonight, or while it was full.

It is amazing how a rock reflecting light can be such a mesmerizing and sought after item of millions of people over thousands of years.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Fantasy #3

Ok, people
does a post with "Fantasy" in the title
really need a warning that it
may not be suitable for children or
some childish adults?


It has been a long busy week.
I get home to find the man in my life waiting at the door.
He tells me

You have 5 minutes to freshen up, go to the bathroom etc, and then we are leaving.

Where are we going?

You will find out when we get there.

How long are we going to be gone?

All weekend...

I need to pack a bag, don't I?

I already did, it is in the car.

You packed a bag for me?

Yes, and if there is anything else you need, we can get it when we get there.
Well, I am not going to argue with that.

I get in the car
and we are on our way.
We get to the airport,
and the next thing I know,
we are on a plane flying to ....
Albuquerque, New Mexico

We arrive, he picks up the keys to a rental car and we start driving

Where are we going? I ask,

Ahhh... that is still a secret.

It is almost dark, but not quite. He stops at a house or maybe it is a bed and breakfast.
He asks me to stay in the car. He gets out and disappears into the house.
A few minutes later, he returns and starts unloading the car
He tell me I can get out now.

We go in. It is a beautiful Southwestern style home with a cozy fireplace in the bedroom he says is ours.
There is a table set up in the bedroom for dinner for two.

He sets the bags down and asks me to join him for dinner.

But then,
then he leads me to the bathroom.
There is a huge clawfoot tub for two.
It is filled with steaming hot water and bubble bath.
There are candles lit everywhere
and on the hook by the tub are two fluffy blue robes.

I thought we might want to relax before dinner, it will wait a little while.

I just smile at him and start kissing him and undressing him.

We take our bath
then have each other
then we rinse off, dry each other
and put on the robes.

We return to the table
The food is now on the table
There are chili rellenos, tacos, guacamole, tortillas, salsa, crispy tortillas

It is a feast. We eat,
we talk
we laugh

and then he suggests we go for a walk.
I open the bag he packed and there are my
walking shoes and clothes to wear.
We walk until our dinner has settled and we are both ready to sleep.
It is a beautiful cool, almost chilly evening in Albuquerque, and I enjoy just having his hand in mine.
We return to the room, the table has been cleaned
The bed has been turned down.
We rinse off in the shower together, playfully washing each other.
Then as I am drying off,
and walking toward the bags to find a gown
he grabs me
turns me around
starts kissing me so passionately and
pushes me to the bed
we struggle pulling the covers back
and then we are both
aching for one another.
We make mad passionate love
then we fall asleep in each others arms

The next morning I wake up to find him already dressed and
the bags have been repacked.
There are muffins and fruit on the table.
I dressed while he ate.
He had this funny little smile the whole time.

I grab some fruit. We get in the car and again, I ask

So, Where are we going today?

You will have to wait and see.

The next thing I know we are on the Turquoise trail,

headed for Santa Fe.

It is a beautiful day

and we have a great time
stopping, shopping, looking, talking

We get to Santa Fe.
It is afternoon, since we spent some much time out of the car, rather than driving.

He stops at a secluded little place outside of town.
It is another home, or bed and breakfast.
He takes the bags in, but this time
he lets me go with.
He pulls out our swimsuits and water shoes
I look at him puzzled..
Then he takes me out back and to my surprise there
less than 200 feet away
is a hot spring.

We soak, and kiss, and end up naked
in the hot spring waters that are so full
of minerals
that we practically float
then we climb out of the spring
and make love on the big flat rock beside the spring.

Then we mosey back to the house, take a shower
and get dressed for a dinner out on the town.

After dinner, dancing and wine,
we return to the house,
fall asleep in each others arms
and wait for a new day.

On Sunday, we shop around Santa Fe
Looking more in the galleries than anything
We look at Zuni jewelry and Hopi jewelry
and I buy a pair of earrings

then we drive back to Albuquerque
get on a plane and fly home

It has been a glorious weekend full of surprises,
all good ones.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

well, almost wordless

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July

A day early. I will be back by Friday for the Fantasy post.

Until then I am off on a grand adventure. See Bennu's Blog for clues.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

How long is a DRY SPELL?

Yes, this is about sex, so if you don't want to know more, then don't read it.

It is raining this morning at my house. It rained for over an hour yesterday morning and off and on all day.

Amused Muse has had no rain at her house.
The weather man said they should get all this rain
two weeks ago
while I was still at my mom's

So the muse cut her grass and got ready for the rain
but it never rained,

It has been cloudy,

They keep saying it is going to rain,
but it hasn't at her house in quite some time,
and esp. not since it was suppose to rain two weeks ago.

So... on the phone yesterday,
I ask if it is raining at her house...

No, she says disgustedly

Well it is raining at my house, must have gotten about an inch...

WELL she says

I am going to have sex later

What? you are rubbing it in that you are going to have sex later because I said it was raining at my house?

see she knows I have no prospects at the moment,
and if I did,
that is all it would be for...
I am not ready for more than that
although I did approach a man
to ask a technical question for her
and her bee situation in her yard,
and that may yield more
than a professional answer
in the near future,
I am in no hurry,

but to rub it in that you have
your own personal sex toy,
when I am in the middle of my own dry spell...
and let's not forget
that I GAVE her Mr. Keeper of the Beer
and I gave up sex for Lent.

Anyway... here's the rub,
it has been raining since about 2 am,
a slow steady, steamy rain
and it is about 7:30 am now,
so if we are comparing rain and sex,
I think I am getting more... lol

It has been since the 9th of June,
so does 23 days make a dry spell?

I haven't been in the mood for much of it since his exit
so I can go another 40 days and nights without sex,
not because I want to,
but because it might just turn out that way...