Sunday, April 29, 2007

Greetings From Beyond...

I mean,
you did think I had fallen off the earth
didn't you?

It is almost like I have

or maybe it is just that I really want to

I am not sure

in fact

right now I am not sure of anything



for weeks upon weeks

possibly 6 weeks or
possibly more

I have been craving

I had the taste
of a delectable
delight of great ice cream
like homemade vanilla
not DQ soft serve imitation ice cream

but the really good stuff

topped with piping hot fudge
which my friends will tell me
isn't really hot
a little whip cream
and a cherry to top it off

and this time
instead of smearing it all over
some man's body and
deliciously devouring every drop
(in my mind he has a hot body,
hence melted ice cream and even hotter

I wanted it out of a cup, or bowl
and to enjoy every spoonful
as if it were delectable
chocolate sex
because we all know
there is nothing better than sex
but sometimes
you crave for more...

Last night,
it finally came to a climax
I drove to the ice cream shop
and ordered
not only the hot fudge sundae
but the one
with the chocolate fudge brownie
as well

would you like that heated? she asked

of course...

and I ate it in the car,

and somehow
it wasn't as good as I had imagined it to be
and even though
the hot fudge was
just as I had imagined
the thrill was gone
and I didn't dream
I would be so disappointed

but I was

and I felt yucky
very yucky

and I drove home
to sit and read
and ponder

how that hot fudge sundae
was a portal
to my realistic view
of my so called life...

more to come...
stay tuned...