Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Fantasy

This post has to have the story
behind the story

Earlier this week
I had a date

I know
hard to believe
but I did

and it was an exceptional date

but when I arrived home
I found a firetruck
in front of my apartment complex

So I drove in and parked
and walked up to find out what was going on
but by then
the truck was gone

and I had no clue what had transpired

so I came home and went straight to bed

around 10:30
the landlord
(new one, hadn't seen him yet)
was beating on my front door
and th only way I would have known it
is if my windows were open and
they were
so I peeked out
yelled for him to step out and look up
and he proceeded to ask me
if I had smelled anything funny this evening

and I said no
but I did come home late

(and I am thinking
apparently " one " of my neighbors
had complained of a smoke odor
and called the fire station. )

and he says that one of the neighbors
had called the fire dept.

Well I only have one neighbor
I reply
but he argues that I have many
and starts pointing at the other buildings

well only one of them lives right next door to me
I retort (you stupid SOB who woke me up)

so I explain that NO
I haven't smelled any odors
that would warrant a fire truck to visit
and would he please make sure
that he woke up all the other neighbors
except for the ones that
stomp, yell, holler, and generally make noise
all night
he can ask them to be quiet...

you don't wake me up for shit like this

now, for sex, you can wake me up for that any time
but I wouldn't tell him that
he is not my type
to put it nicely

the next day, I do, indeed
learn from my next door neighbor
that she smelled smoke
and called
she, of course,
opened all her windows
before they arrived and
the smoke had dissipated


so my intuition is still working


anyway on to the fantasy...

She drove home after an evening
out on the town
Her date was cordial enough
and the kisses were pretty good
for first kisses

As she rounded the corner
there were flashing lights
and as she neared
she recognized a fire truck

It was sitting right in front of her
apartment complex
She slowed to see if there was a fire
she couldn't discern any foul play
and turned into her drive way
and parked in her usual spot.
She started walking
to the front of the complex
to find out what was going on
and there
by the pool
were all the firemen
taking off their gear
down to their skivvies
and jumping in the pool
and above the pool
was a banner
that said
"Welcome Home Bennu"
and behind the pool area
there were other firemen
setting off fireworks
and two more
with hoses ready
in case there was actually a fire

She was stunned
she laughed and then she heard
a voice behind her

"We have missed you"

she turned around to find him
sitting on her porch
wearing his board shorts
with big flowers on them
she hadn't seen him in years
but instantly
all the old sentiment returned
and she was thrilled
to throw her arms around him
and hug him tight

"I have missed you too... terribly"
and he picked her up and carried her to the pool
They all stood around the edge
and jumped in together

They played volleyball
under the light of the moon

watched the fireworks
while kissing in the pool
and the firemen cooked bbq
that was delicious cabrito
and wild boar

when the evening was over
the firemen picked every thing up
and he walked her home,
taking her in his arms
and asking if she still felt the same
as he did
and she answered
by taking his hand
and leading him into the house
to continue their own fireworks show.

(really was a dream I had, that same night)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She had been plotting
planning, thinking about him for weeks.

She knew he couldn't see her for at least a month,
due to other commitments.

He had professed his love
of boxer shorts with a button on the fly

She had a friend who worked for Polo
and if they could be found, she would find them

but she didn't tell him she was looking for them

The last time she wore a sexy bra
he had expressed his desire
that she wear none

So she had a t-shirt he had given her
hanging up in the closet,
waiting for the day
she could wear it
and go commando

One afternoon,
she had had a very hard day
with not much explanation of why
the morning was hectic

but it went well,
so why didn't she feel good?
she wasn't sure

Her answer was to get some flowers for herself
to cheer her when she gazed upon
their natural beauty
and one of her good friends
delivered them to her in the afternoon

they helped some
but at 8 something that evening
her phone rang
it was him
he had been out with friends
was on his way home
and thinking of her

she flippantly asked
if he wanted to play hooky
the next day
and he laughed

yeah, that was a good idea
so she took an afternoon
and drove to meet him

she donned the t-shirt
and a pair of capri pants
with no lingerie underneath

Her anxiousness led her
to the rendevous
earlier than usual
so she found him walking out
to get some ice
so she had some time

to put the plan in place
she put some things in the bathroom
then beside the bed
and mixed herself a drink
as he arrived with the ice in hand

they sat and talked
catching up
as she rubbed his feet
and he grinned
enjoying every minute of it

When he said
she was going to put him
to sleep if she kept that up,
she stopped
and stood up
walked to him
started unbuttoning his shirt
and said
she had no intention
of putting him to sleep.

He reached up to her
and finally realized
she had worn the shirt
and done what he said
and he

so you do listen do you?
he teased

she took him by the hands
stood him up
and undressed him
enjoying every minute
of seeing his tan
against the
starched shirt
the blue jeans
and her white t-shirt
he fondled her as she worked
thoroughly distracting her

she led him to the bathroom
turned on the water
and the shower
and led him in

she lathered him up and
he asked for his turn
which she loved
and handed over the soap
and body ball

she rubbed her body against
his in a slow rhythm
and he was becoming quite aroused
and suggested they return to the bed

she declined
explaining she wasn't done with him
yet in the water
so she turned her back to him
and he wrapped her in his arms
fondling her and kissing her neck

and the more aroused he became
the further over she bent
until he was too excited
to do anything
but sneak up behind her
and slip his dick in her pussy

She reached for the shower
wall to steady herself
and felt him in her fully
loving every minute of it
as they pulsated back and forth
with the water rushing over their bodies
they melted together
until he exploded inside her
gasping and moaning
with great pleasure

as he retreated
she moaned a little disappointed moan
she didn't want him to leave
quite so soon
so he turned her around
sucking, fondling
her nipples
which were so glad to see him
they were standing at attention

Then he announced
now we need to retreat to the bed
so I can show you how glad I am to see you
and you can lay back and enjoy

and so he did
and over.....

Afternoon delight
there is nothing better she thought
hours later as she drove home
after watching him
model the boxer shorts
she gave him for his birthday
and he was so thrilled to have them
his face showed it
in the grin and the way he danced around
in each pair

she knew
she knew it was a great day
with a great man

and there aren't very many in a lifetime
so it is important to enjoy each one

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Last Day

One season ends
Another begins

I stand
with my hands
at my side

the tears rolling down
to my feet
on the ground

heart broken
not a word spoken

for an entire season
I cannot reason


but I am still standing
the tears will dry
my heart is mending
I will not lie

I wish it were different
and yet
I know it was not meant
so I am going to let

you go.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Yeah he is

Yeah I am

all afternoon

just can't say who

he asked me not to

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout...

and what does muse have to say

since she is still having a dry spell?

"That shit ain't right!"


it's good for me

You will have the keeper of the Beers soon...

Have a great afternoon everyone

I am going to get a smile
plastered on my face for a few days

Monday, September 18, 2006

Life's A Beach or..... Interesting Men

Sitting by the water
enjoying the waves
crashing on the beach

The sun on my face
Sand beneath my feet
Wind in my hair

It was great

Then the muse
waved at some guys
as they drove by
and they stopped
Stephen with a p
and Kenny

That was interesting

Then we went dancing
and there were several
interesting men

Old men, I mean, at least 60
dancing with much, much, younger
women (much younger than me)

All good dancers though
maybe that was it

Then there was Craig
the fisherman
who wanted us to join him
at Laguna Madre' at 7 am
and the Muse would have
but somehow, someway
he didn't call
(I think his wife thought it best he didn't take us fishing)
yeah, he was married and introduced us to her
that was

To say the least


Then there was Greg
great smile
great dancer, lived near me
but was at the coast

then after 3 dances
and two fabulous hugs
told me he was married

that's ok, I responded
I am not looking
Just wanting to dance

Sam, the man of dark chocolate
in a cowboy bar
in a town where
people are pretty prejudice

I danced with him once

that was interesting

Then there was the cowboy
who walked the muse
to the car

I was a bit worried
but she sent him packing
and that

the dry spell we are both having

That was Interesting

But we had a great time
We relaxed
laughed and laughed
and came up with some new ideas to contemplate
and got a little pinker

It was great
it was interesting...

and the men were too...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She sat on her porch
as the sun set
behind the house across the street

Her thoughts drifted
to other sunsets she had watched

and she could envision
the Grand Canyon
the shades of scarlet
and chocolate
that the exposed layers of the earth
and the glistening rays of the sun
spun in splendor

as she and the man
of her dreams
sat on a wall
right on the rim
of the canyon
holding hands

An eagle had flown by
as they gazed
toward the west

he squeezed her hand

he had dreamt this vision once
but he didn't think it would
come to pass

he thought she would not be the one
next to him...
and she...

she thought she had lost him to another...

the night before
they had made love like teenagers
seasoned with all they had
learned about pleasing one another

she had started by wearing nothing more than a
and giving him a squirt gun
and having him
wear only white boxer shorts
they ran around the yard
squirting each other
until they were both aroused
and it was no secret
because it all showed
under their clothing

Her nipples were perky,
sticking up
and dark,
begging for his mouth to be on them

her bush was clearly not
just wet from the water

when she ran
her breasts bounced up and down
and his dick
got hard right in front of her eyes
as she squirted
him with water
facing him with her own version
of a wet t-shirt contest

and in his eyes
she was clearly the winner...

they were laughing
biting lips
and grabbing ass

when the guns were empty
their hands were full
of each other

she couldn't get his
boxers off quick enough
and he was pulling on her shirt
trying to rip it off
rather than
unlock their lips from one another

they stumbled backwards
into the room
falling quickly to the bed

she stradled him...
while kissing and caressing
she slowly moved down
his body

her long hair draping over his chest
at first,
and she tugged
on his nipples
with her teeth

then she kissed the line
down his belly
to his throbbing dick
she took it in her hand
and caressed it carefully
as she licked up
and down the shaft

The ridge was at high mast
and she took him into her mouth
and he fucked her face
watching her head go
up and down
she could feel his cum
and he begged her to stop
because he didn't want things to end early

she carressed his balls with her other hand
then the earth shattering
explosion came
and so did he
and she relished every drop
and swallowed.

She looked up at him
and smiled
at the smile on his face

"well now you have gone and done it." he crows

"Yeah I did" she laughs
"and so did you! But I am not done...

and neither are you."

They sit and talk about
whatever came to mind
and erroneous as it was

the time passed

with him leaned against the headboard
and her next to him but facing him
with her feet on the top of the headboard.

He reaches over
and slides his hand inside her thigh

and as they talk
he starts to play
with her pussy

she moves her legs apart and smiles at him...

"Told you so...." she laughs

and he does too

"you like that?" he asks

"ummm... what do you think? " she asks

he laughs,
and begins to finger fuck her
and watch her wriggle all over the bed
until she begs him

to let her mount him
which she does
and as she takes him
into her slowly
she can feel his throbbing
dick inside her

and she slowly rocks back and forth
until she is really close to cumming

his hands entwined with hers
their eyes staring into each other
with huge grins...

she starts rocking faster
then she slides down,
wrapping her legs around his
and pounding herself into his pelvis.

She starts crying out louder and louder
and then the earthquake of orgasms climaxes
and she stops so she can feel the spasms throughout
her body and his
and he can feel them too.

And then the sun is behind the house
her thoughts return to
the idea it is dark
and he isn't here
and she misses him.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Full moon through the trees... looks good on my pc, but not all

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dancing Passionately

I love to dance...

I have blogged about how I learned to dance
at least Country and Western

the Two step
waltz, Cottoneyed Joe,
among others

I love jitterbug especially

I have rarely had a chance to dance
in the last few years

in fact, before last Saturday night,
it was my birthday two years ago

and that night

well that was the night I met *Mr. Duvall

and he is a fabulous dancer.


the muse and I drove to
the cowboy capital of the world
or at least the one in Texas

and we went dancing at a famous dancehall
with a live band playing

It wasn't a big crowd,

there was a guy that walked over
and asked the muse to dance
and then he asked me to dance
after they danced
(no, she didn't turn him down,
she knows the rule of dancing,
you always dance with the first guy that asks you)

and he was a pretty good dancer

we took turns dancing with him all evening

and then
when the band had played their last set
we left to go home...

I told the muse later

I had a great time
but we wouldn't have had a great time
If Mr. Shaq
had not danced with us.

maybe he and his buddies will be there
in a few weeks when
we go dancing again.

*who called me this morning, and
when I said we had been dancing
and where....
he named every dance hall in that town and
told me the one to go to next time...

maybe he will go with

Dancing, I love it, passionately

and dancing with a great partner, like
Mr. Duvall


Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Fantasy.... of a different sort

Today, my fantasy is simple...

a vacation,

to a relaxing

and somewhat familiar place,

where I can have a few days
to myself without worrying about

students and their lack of following directions
lesson planning, bitches across the hall,
deadlines, paperwork, meetings,
behavior issues, or .... anything else.

I am in the planning stages...

will let you know if this fantasy materializes...

I am thinking Spa in New Mexico
Hot Springs,
Mud Baths
cool nights
mountain air...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She walked in from a long day at work
The house was hot, so she turned on the ac
She checked the mail
there was a letter
with no return address
she thought she knew the handwriting
but she didn't dare think it was
who she thought it was

She opened the envelope
It was an invitation to a rendevous
and the handwriting was unmistakable
even though there was no signature

It was a familiar place
and she wanted to go
but she knew
she would cry if she did

so she didn't

in a few days
another one came

this time the place had changed
to one more neutral
and where there would be other distractions
like a great live band
low lights
and cocktails
by the light of the moon
in another language

She decided she would go
The desire to see him was too great

She picked out a new outfit
that she had purchased for a special occasion
flowing white skirt
with a wide band of black at the bottom
and a low cut black peasant blouse
with a black lace push up bra
and black patent high heels

She wore the perfume
he loved to have her rub on his neck after being with her

She walked into the dimly lit lounge
and sat at the bar
looking around very little
He approached her soon after,
from a table where he had been sitting

and asked her to join him
which she did

They hugged, said hello
talked for a bit
and then the band began

The jazz was incredible
They danced the first real dance between the two of them
and smiles were plastered on both of their faces

It was if they were made for each other
The gait, the steps, how in tune they were
with each other
and they couldn't escape it

She asked, after several dances,
if he would like to step outside
for a breath of fresh air

and he agreed, thinking it would be a good chance to kiss her

sure enough
as soon as they were outside
he grabbed her around the waist
pulling her to him
kissing her like they had been together always

She melted in his arms
his strength, self confidence, and
kisses that brought her to her knees each and every time

He leaned her back over the hood of the car
and lifted her dress to find she had
stockings with a garter on, and no panties
She was dripping wet from his kisses
and he enjoyed playing with her
while kissing her

He wanted to tease her
to make her want him so badly that she would beg him
to take her
right there
right then

but she had her own ideas

she slipped her hand down the front of his dress pants
and grabbed his cock
stroking it up and down
until it was spilling over the edge of his jeans
The pressure was too great
he was moaning
and she was undoing his pants

and he couldn't get out of them fast enough

then she felt it slip from her hand

and she saw something on the floor

it was a notice

that a new club was opening near her


and they had great live bands

and she hoped she would find someone there

that made her feel the way he made her feel

She wasn't sure she would ever find it again
but even if she didn't

She would always remember the good times