Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday .... Friday Fantasy


Once during a discussion
about sex
and whether to ever measure
it's "greatness"
she told him
her favorite addage
"sex is like pizza...
even when it is bad
it is GOOD"

so their private joke
"I am sure craving
some PIZZA"

Now on to the Birthday fantasy

She had pondered for days
what to get him
for his birthday

they hadn't really known
each other very long

he had the monetary ability
and enough friends
and family
to get any and every thing
he would want for his birthday

She was of meager means
and couldn't afford
a lavish gift
but wanted something
that would stand out
in a sea of good gifts.

She had teased him
of joining her for a long walk
a long brisk walk
each day
that she had taken up
as her exercise regimen

and even though he was in good shape
she teased that if he could make
the long trek
and return without huffing and puffing
she would gladly
engage in any sexual activity he would like

What a great incentive
to walk
and get into even better shape

so the thought finally came
Pizza and a pedometer

what a great gift
and even though others might be
there when he opened it
they wouldn't see
the hidden meaning
of either item

She didn't have time
with the hectic schedule
she had
so she ordered the pedometer
online and had it shipped overnight
and not your run of the mill pedometer
where it was simply the thought
but a good one
with great reviews

then she stopped at the local pizza place
purchased a gift card
good for a pizza night out
and asked the clerk
for a large
Pizza Box

She giggled all the way home
and then she sat down
taped the pedometer
in the middle of the box
and printed discount pizza coupons
off the internet
she esp. liked the one
that said
2 toppings for one low price
and 2 pizzas for the price of one

and she carefully taped the coupons
and peppermints she picked up
on her way out of the pizza place
in the box around the pedometer

she closed the box and couldn't wait
to see the look on his face
when he opened it.
She giggled with delight

The evening came
they were going to a music venue
of his choice
and with his friends
but they had a few minutes
to spare before they left.

He picked her up at her place
but she insisted they take her car
so she could drive him home afterwards
if he had too much to drink.

She had the gift in the back
where he couldn't see it.

She was esp. giddy
thinking of what she had in store for him

They arrived
the music was great
the friends were all there

they sang and laughed
and cut up with him
as the center of attention

she stood back and watched
thinking he was such a great guy
and that she hoped things finally
went somewhere with this one

he had been good to her
in the short time
they had known each other

he was honest
told her great things
she liked hearing
he showed his heart
and his ability to truly care
and he was
great in bed.
Willing to please her
before taking his own needs
into consideration

She was looking forward
to seeing to his needs tonight

She had picked up some
"toppings" at the store
to add some fun to their lovemaking
and to go with the pizza coupons

The band stopped playing
and she asked if he would like
to step out to the car
to kiss and talk alone a minute

She had every intention of
giving him his gift

So they walked to the car
and she turned to him
put her hands on his face
caressing him
and looking deep into his eyes
" You are really something"
she whispered
as she kissed him
"I am really glad
we met"
and she hugged him tight

"Oh wait, what is that in the back of the car?"
she teased
as she opened the door
and retrieved the pizza box
and handed it to him...

He opened it
and laughed
his great hearty laugh

"I am ready for pizza now!"
He laughed

grabbing her hand and
showing her his hard dick
in his pants
She laughed
"Well, let's see what we can do
about that pizza order sir"

"Would you like the meat lovers
or the Supreme?"

"Meat Lovers" he laughs

She moves him around
to the back of car
in the dark parking lot
As she kisses him
deep killer kisses

she un-does his belt,
the button fly
and unzips his pants
She finds his hard
throbbing dick already
seeping through his boxers
She finds the open fly
and pulls him from the
tight confines

He moans with delight
and she moves down
taking him into her mouth
asn she carresses with one hand
and plays with his butt
with the other

He leans back with his hands on the car
watching her
with a great satisfaction

Her lips move back and forth
while her tongue swirls around
his swollen penis
she feels the ridge tighten
and she knows he is about
to explode and is trying
to wait as long as he can

She looks up just as he
tries to speak to warn her
that he is almost ready
to explode in her mouth

But he can't speak,
his words aren't there
just his ecstasy
and then a rush
of him fills her mouth
and she leans back
as he gasps and regains
some composure
and she smiles
up at him,
and he lifts her up and holds her close
and kisses her again...

"Happy Birthday sir,
How was your pizza?" She teases

"Best damn pizza I ever had"
he responds

"Now let's go do some dancing."
She states as he zips up
and she wipes her mouth

and they return to the party
and as they are dancing
an hour or so later

she whispers into his ear

"When ever you are ready
I have some "extra toppings"
at home, for your pizza
and mine too"

and he grabs her hand
and they are gone

the friends look around
later and wonder where
he disappeard to....

but by that time
there is mint flavored whip cream
on her nipples and he is moving down
to apply and happily eat
her until she begs him
to get the meat topping out
which is once again
stiff enough to drill a nail
into a 2x4

and he laughs
and she laughs
and they make great love
until they collapse
and then she asks

"so how many miles was
that on your

"I don't know, but
the pizza was great"
and I can't wait to walk it off

so that I can have some more
when I get back..... "

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well Hello Sunshine ... A Friday Fantasy on Sunday

It is about time I felt the desire to write one isn't it?

There may be graphic language then again, there may not
She had been to breakfast with a friend
and afterward
as she walked to her car
she took out her cell phone
and noticed she had missed a call
from him

"I called you at 10 and you didn't answer."
"You did? I didn't have a message..."
"I didn't leave one"
"Well, leave me a message when you call, and then I will know you called and get to hear your voice too."
"You know I am a man of few words."
"I know, but the words you do share are great."

She noticed she had a voicemail as well.
She smiled
She thought it had to be him, so she listened
and found
he would be gone by the time she heard the message
so she couldn't return the call

he was sitting in a deer blind somewhere
so he could cook steaks for her
when he downed a doe or a buck

His message said he would call back
later that day or the first of the week
She knew his schedule
she knew it was unlikely she would hear from him
before Monday morning
and that was ok
even though
she had seen him on Thursday
They had spent the afternoon
talking and playing
both with greater stress in their lives than usual

She was trying to date
it wasn't going as she would like
and it was feast or famine
and right nowit was famine
the last one had just made his exit

So the great deer hunter said
"Fuck him, the big fat fuck, he didn't know what he had.."
and she smiled
even though she knew
it was said just to make her feel better
it worked
and she thought of this as she hung up the phone
after hearing his message
She also thought
of how he had given her a Christmas gift she hadn't expected
and it was
a power tool
a new drill
she had mentioned wanting one
and she laughed
it was hilarious to her
that it was one of the best gifts anyone had thought of for her
and it was a power tool
They had spent a great day
among many great days spent together
but somehow this time
despite they were both under a great deal of stress
was even better
than usual

His job wasn't going well
he had been inquiring
about other jobs
and was under more stress than most of the time
sharing a lively libation
and some great flirtatious acts of intimacy

and as she listened to the message
she remembered fondly
the last two years
of stolen days
with a man who had treated her
with respect
and caring
even though
there had never been
any strings attached

Her day went on

She severed any remaining ties
regardless of how thin they were
to two men she had been seeing
off and on
and drove
by herself
to a Holiday office party

as she was driving
through the neighborhood
looking for a number on her supervisor's house
Her phone rang
she looked at the phone
It was him
She answered in a happy voice
although she was anything but happy
to be going to a party
by herself
when everyone had been asking
about whether she was bringing
the fellow she had talked so fondly about the last few weeks
she didn't have the strength to tell them
he had walked away
She said

and he laughed and said
"Well Hello Sunshine..."

and she suddenly had a smile
and the strength to go to the party
and something to look forward to

while they talked about drills
and Christmas
and the hunting of deer
he said
"I want to see that drill
next time I come to see you"
and she knew
she knew he meant he would come to see her
for her birthday
which is
what she told him was what she wanted for Christmas

A homecooked Steak Dinner
Music and Dancing
Like when they met on her birthday two years ago
and a night spent together

Now that is a fantasy
and she thinks
she thinks it will come true
after all,
she gave him a gift card
to the huge new fishing/hunting store,
and he will have to find a way
to come to town to spend it.


Postscript: Some fantasies don't have anything to do with graphic sex

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life's a Bitch and so am I

Yeah, I know
it has been awhile.
but here I am
I am back
and as my friend
dear Friend
has said today
or actually a day or so
after the date on this post
You should get
at least as much out of a relationship
as you put into it
it is a 50/50 thing
well my friend
I put in much more than 50
and I get
much less back
In a short week
very short week
I have been stood up
I have been lied to
I have been asked to put my heart on hold
and I cannot just freeze my heart
but as much as I would like to
I don't find much reason to
and so my actions from here on out
may cause that to be no longer as well
because I refuse to "not Live"
for an undisclosed amount of time
while someone collects themselves
and reaches out
when they have done the worst as far as I am concerned
stood me up
and lied to me about it

sad thing is
I knew it was going to occur
and yet I couldn't do anything about it
except let the day pass
and it has

I have told someone very dear to my heart
that I never wanted to hear from him again
for the pain he caused me
and the fear of others
that I would return to him and more pain
to go along with the pain he originally caused

I have accepted someone back into my life
Mr. Turnaround has asked to see me
and I am going to
although I think it won't ever turn into anything
except an occasional evening
of pure animal attraction and playfulness

and if I could be a bigger bitch
I am probably one today
maybe not bitch
but harder, more bitter, more guarded
that is what the actions
of Mr. Sullivan have caused
and he

well he is just thankful
that I am not spiteful
and I am not
I wish him well

and he says he will return
but I don't believe it

we all know
and if you didn't,
you do now

that I have a huge issue
with people "leaving"
my life
and it pretty much makes me

"DONE" with them
but here
here we are all friends
and I am thankful for those
who check in to see what is going on with me

I like coming over and seeing you too
until next time

try to get some xmas shopping done..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Blizzard White Roses

in a long-stemmed
hand blown vase
of purple, gold and green hues

with wispy deep blue accent baby's breath

stood proudly on the table

it was such an elegant arrangement
the rest of the room appeared
much too out of place
for such greatness and beauty

but she didn't care
she loved gazing on the
perfection of God's work
and their pureness glowing through

She thought of all the different
moments in her life that were
so near perfection
that it was as if God was giving her snipits
of what heaven would be like
when she arrived

One weekend when she spent 3 blissful days
of youth
with a man she fell in love with instantly
They danced, they ate, they swam
he held her in his arms as if
her were carrying her to bed
but they were in the water
and he kissed her endlessly

It was a love upon first sight
young and unencumbered
with the questions she would ask herself years later
when met with the same emotions
upon meeting another intriguing and handsomely tall man

but alas, he was leaving for Japan
and she never saw him again,
even though she wrote him a letter every day
for over 6 months and he wrote her the same
but then he met someone else
and she was ...
well that isn't what this post is about

Then the night she spent with a man
she hardly knew, kissing for hours on her couch
with him not making another move
but simply enjoying kissing for hours
and talking and laughing

eventually, it did lead to more,
but not anytime soon.
Her favorite day, out of two years with him,
was the day they hiked at Palo Duro Canyon
and he was in such awe of God's creation
of erosion
animated and elated
she watched as he showed a part of him
that she had never seen
his vulnerability and true caring for her
she cried that night, after he was asleep
they were closer than they had ever been...
but all good things must come to an end
and she let him go
knowing it wasn't to be

Another was a weekend in a statepark
with a man she will always love and care about
It rained
They got lost on a hike
It was unbearably hot
and yet
they laughed, they cooked, they made love constantly
until she could hardly walk
and late at night
he surprised her with rose petals
candles, a portable fan, a dragon tattoo, among other things
and a trip into town for ice cream

the next morning he cooked her breakfast by the water
as the sun was rising
and she still enjoys looking at those pictures
but her favorite quote from him
Not enough wine
Not enough time
Not enough you

On her 42nd birthday
she went out
to go dancing
she wanted to see
if she still could after she had knee surgery
and things hadn't been quite right since
and she found a wonderful dance partner
who she explained to
that she wasn't 42,
she was two 21 year olds in one
and they enjoyed their time together
and now
they still tango
on Sunday afternoons
whenever they can
even though he lives too far away
he is better to her
than any man has ever been
and yet
he can never be truly hers
and they both know it
but they enjoy the time they do have together
and she is glad he is in her life

and then there was the man
who sang to her
making her blush
holding her hand
taking the lead but not brazenly
he talked big
and she liked what she heard
and many of those memories still hurt
but the quote
the quote she will never forget
I am not calling because I am needy
I am calling
because I want you to know
you have the most beautiful eyes
and I want you to know
I love you so very much

and it still brings tears to her eyes when she hears it
in her head

but the most recent one
that brought her a smile
was a new man
kissing her for hours on end
as they sat on her couch
with candles burning
and Norah Jones playing in the background

She even smiled as they were kissing
because for so long
she had wanted to hear that particular song
while with a man
in a romantic setting
and for years
it didn't come true

so as she stared
as the memories
were flooding over her
the white roses
appeared in her sights again
and the visions of the past
faded away

there were tears falling down her face
but she smiled and knew
so many good things have come
and gone
she shouldn't be sad
she should be glad for all she has had
however fleeting it may be.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday Fantasy On Sunday

I have one about to come true on Saturday, so I am not writing til it is done...

and here it is

She drove home
smiling from ear to ear

for nearly two years
she has been planting a seed
in the ear
of a man
she holds dear in many ways

she has expressed
her desire
to have an evening
like the one
hence they met

with dancing
good food
and great fun

an entire night together in bed

and suddenly
out of the clear blue
he asked her one day

of course
she had stopped expressing her desire
for quite some time

if he invited a friend to join him
for a trip to the Alamo City
could she find a friend to ask along?

She grinned
of course she had a friend
but no guarantees of
what would transpire between
said friends

and on Saturday
it came to pass
he showed up early
surprised her as she was cooking

there were T-bone steaks
baked potato casserole
fresh green beans
and peach cobbler for dessert

The boys from down south
started the fire
and one of them
didn't need to do much to get
my fire started

they talked
they laughed
they teased a bit
and the dinner
the dinner was delectable
they drove to their
favorite hangout

The Big V

and danced and laughed and
met the locals

and she heard
from more than one
how handsome he was

and she knew
she knew she could pick the handsome ones

but it was good to hear
and it made her smile

yeah he is

and she took him home
lead him to the bedroom

after he said
we need to just
go in that room
lock the door
and have a great night

and as far as our
friends go
we have given it
our best shot
what happens now
is up to them.

and they did

and when they get behind closed doors
and she lets her hair hang down
and she makes glad that he's a man
because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

but when she opened the door
she had a smile
from one ear to the other
and he did too

and when they parted after breakfast

he said

I wish we were in a motel room
in "small town" Texas
doing what we did all night

and she smiled

she hadn't
gotten to spend
an entire night with him
or have so many orgasms in one night
or hear him say
something so wonderful

and she had been dreaming about it
for nearly two years

maybe it will be a good deer season.

It is a Personal Choice


The best thing that was said to me
was said by the closest friend I have right now
and she told me

It is his personal choice
If he was truthful about his feelings toward you
Then he is in a living hell

If he lied about how he felt
then he gets the life he deserves
which is also probably hell on earth

as far as you sounding full of yourself
I don't agree
you have many great things going for you
you just happened to find a man
that even though things could have been great
he didn't bother to discuss it with you
and whatever did make him
make the choices he made
you weren't the biggest priority
and that
my dear
you don't want.

I could make the same list
of all the great things about me

how that helps me
is to know that I value myself
enough to not be treated so badly
and put up with it forever

and it shows me
that I want to find a man
who thinks I am as great
or greater than I think I am myself

and I want to do the same for him...

there is a great prospect
all my friends are teasing me
about how giddy I am over him
I smile every few minutes
and remind them I have a date
with him Monday
and I can't wait to hear from him
each day
so we will see

Cautiously optimistic
once again

but this time
this time there are no nagging questions
about whether I am making the right choice
in pursuing him
and previously
I should have seen the writing on the wall
and that is why I questioned it
and I should have listened to my intuition

so this time I am
it is telling me

and I am

glad you aren't wounded too badly
and are back in the saddle again soon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sometimes I don't like being right.

(I know it is hard to believe, but
it is truly heartfelt and true)

I am so sorry...

I wish things had turned out
the way you thought they should

of course
we all have "ways"
we wish things would go
and sometimes they do
and sometimes they don't

you know,

things didn't turn out the way
I thought they should either

many many times in my life
but some (esp. the last time) were much harder
than others to accept.

My prayers are with you, always.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Fantasy

This post has to have the story
behind the story

Earlier this week
I had a date

I know
hard to believe
but I did

and it was an exceptional date

but when I arrived home
I found a firetruck
in front of my apartment complex

So I drove in and parked
and walked up to find out what was going on
but by then
the truck was gone

and I had no clue what had transpired

so I came home and went straight to bed

around 10:30
the landlord
(new one, hadn't seen him yet)
was beating on my front door
and th only way I would have known it
is if my windows were open and
they were
so I peeked out
yelled for him to step out and look up
and he proceeded to ask me
if I had smelled anything funny this evening

and I said no
but I did come home late

(and I am thinking
apparently " one " of my neighbors
had complained of a smoke odor
and called the fire station. )

and he says that one of the neighbors
had called the fire dept.

Well I only have one neighbor
I reply
but he argues that I have many
and starts pointing at the other buildings

well only one of them lives right next door to me
I retort (you stupid SOB who woke me up)

so I explain that NO
I haven't smelled any odors
that would warrant a fire truck to visit
and would he please make sure
that he woke up all the other neighbors
except for the ones that
stomp, yell, holler, and generally make noise
all night
he can ask them to be quiet...

you don't wake me up for shit like this

now, for sex, you can wake me up for that any time
but I wouldn't tell him that
he is not my type
to put it nicely

the next day, I do, indeed
learn from my next door neighbor
that she smelled smoke
and called
she, of course,
opened all her windows
before they arrived and
the smoke had dissipated


so my intuition is still working


anyway on to the fantasy...

She drove home after an evening
out on the town
Her date was cordial enough
and the kisses were pretty good
for first kisses

As she rounded the corner
there were flashing lights
and as she neared
she recognized a fire truck

It was sitting right in front of her
apartment complex
She slowed to see if there was a fire
she couldn't discern any foul play
and turned into her drive way
and parked in her usual spot.
She started walking
to the front of the complex
to find out what was going on
and there
by the pool
were all the firemen
taking off their gear
down to their skivvies
and jumping in the pool
and above the pool
was a banner
that said
"Welcome Home Bennu"
and behind the pool area
there were other firemen
setting off fireworks
and two more
with hoses ready
in case there was actually a fire

She was stunned
she laughed and then she heard
a voice behind her

"We have missed you"

she turned around to find him
sitting on her porch
wearing his board shorts
with big flowers on them
she hadn't seen him in years
but instantly
all the old sentiment returned
and she was thrilled
to throw her arms around him
and hug him tight

"I have missed you too... terribly"
and he picked her up and carried her to the pool
They all stood around the edge
and jumped in together

They played volleyball
under the light of the moon

watched the fireworks
while kissing in the pool
and the firemen cooked bbq
that was delicious cabrito
and wild boar

when the evening was over
the firemen picked every thing up
and he walked her home,
taking her in his arms
and asking if she still felt the same
as he did
and she answered
by taking his hand
and leading him into the house
to continue their own fireworks show.

(really was a dream I had, that same night)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She had been plotting
planning, thinking about him for weeks.

She knew he couldn't see her for at least a month,
due to other commitments.

He had professed his love
of boxer shorts with a button on the fly

She had a friend who worked for Polo
and if they could be found, she would find them

but she didn't tell him she was looking for them

The last time she wore a sexy bra
he had expressed his desire
that she wear none

So she had a t-shirt he had given her
hanging up in the closet,
waiting for the day
she could wear it
and go commando

One afternoon,
she had had a very hard day
with not much explanation of why
the morning was hectic

but it went well,
so why didn't she feel good?
she wasn't sure

Her answer was to get some flowers for herself
to cheer her when she gazed upon
their natural beauty
and one of her good friends
delivered them to her in the afternoon

they helped some
but at 8 something that evening
her phone rang
it was him
he had been out with friends
was on his way home
and thinking of her

she flippantly asked
if he wanted to play hooky
the next day
and he laughed

yeah, that was a good idea
so she took an afternoon
and drove to meet him

she donned the t-shirt
and a pair of capri pants
with no lingerie underneath

Her anxiousness led her
to the rendevous
earlier than usual
so she found him walking out
to get some ice
so she had some time

to put the plan in place
she put some things in the bathroom
then beside the bed
and mixed herself a drink
as he arrived with the ice in hand

they sat and talked
catching up
as she rubbed his feet
and he grinned
enjoying every minute of it

When he said
she was going to put him
to sleep if she kept that up,
she stopped
and stood up
walked to him
started unbuttoning his shirt
and said
she had no intention
of putting him to sleep.

He reached up to her
and finally realized
she had worn the shirt
and done what he said
and he

so you do listen do you?
he teased

she took him by the hands
stood him up
and undressed him
enjoying every minute
of seeing his tan
against the
starched shirt
the blue jeans
and her white t-shirt
he fondled her as she worked
thoroughly distracting her

she led him to the bathroom
turned on the water
and the shower
and led him in

she lathered him up and
he asked for his turn
which she loved
and handed over the soap
and body ball

she rubbed her body against
his in a slow rhythm
and he was becoming quite aroused
and suggested they return to the bed

she declined
explaining she wasn't done with him
yet in the water
so she turned her back to him
and he wrapped her in his arms
fondling her and kissing her neck

and the more aroused he became
the further over she bent
until he was too excited
to do anything
but sneak up behind her
and slip his dick in her pussy

She reached for the shower
wall to steady herself
and felt him in her fully
loving every minute of it
as they pulsated back and forth
with the water rushing over their bodies
they melted together
until he exploded inside her
gasping and moaning
with great pleasure

as he retreated
she moaned a little disappointed moan
she didn't want him to leave
quite so soon
so he turned her around
sucking, fondling
her nipples
which were so glad to see him
they were standing at attention

Then he announced
now we need to retreat to the bed
so I can show you how glad I am to see you
and you can lay back and enjoy

and so he did
and over.....

Afternoon delight
there is nothing better she thought
hours later as she drove home
after watching him
model the boxer shorts
she gave him for his birthday
and he was so thrilled to have them
his face showed it
in the grin and the way he danced around
in each pair

she knew
she knew it was a great day
with a great man

and there aren't very many in a lifetime
so it is important to enjoy each one

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Last Day

One season ends
Another begins

I stand
with my hands
at my side

the tears rolling down
to my feet
on the ground

heart broken
not a word spoken

for an entire season
I cannot reason


but I am still standing
the tears will dry
my heart is mending
I will not lie

I wish it were different
and yet
I know it was not meant
so I am going to let

you go.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Yeah he is

Yeah I am

all afternoon

just can't say who

he asked me not to

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout...

and what does muse have to say

since she is still having a dry spell?

"That shit ain't right!"


it's good for me

You will have the keeper of the Beers soon...

Have a great afternoon everyone

I am going to get a smile
plastered on my face for a few days

Monday, September 18, 2006

Life's A Beach or..... Interesting Men

Sitting by the water
enjoying the waves
crashing on the beach

The sun on my face
Sand beneath my feet
Wind in my hair

It was great

Then the muse
waved at some guys
as they drove by
and they stopped
Stephen with a p
and Kenny

That was interesting

Then we went dancing
and there were several
interesting men

Old men, I mean, at least 60
dancing with much, much, younger
women (much younger than me)

All good dancers though
maybe that was it

Then there was Craig
the fisherman
who wanted us to join him
at Laguna Madre' at 7 am
and the Muse would have
but somehow, someway
he didn't call
(I think his wife thought it best he didn't take us fishing)
yeah, he was married and introduced us to her
that was

To say the least


Then there was Greg
great smile
great dancer, lived near me
but was at the coast

then after 3 dances
and two fabulous hugs
told me he was married

that's ok, I responded
I am not looking
Just wanting to dance

Sam, the man of dark chocolate
in a cowboy bar
in a town where
people are pretty prejudice

I danced with him once

that was interesting

Then there was the cowboy
who walked the muse
to the car

I was a bit worried
but she sent him packing
and that

the dry spell we are both having

That was Interesting

But we had a great time
We relaxed
laughed and laughed
and came up with some new ideas to contemplate
and got a little pinker

It was great
it was interesting...

and the men were too...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She sat on her porch
as the sun set
behind the house across the street

Her thoughts drifted
to other sunsets she had watched

and she could envision
the Grand Canyon
the shades of scarlet
and chocolate
that the exposed layers of the earth
and the glistening rays of the sun
spun in splendor

as she and the man
of her dreams
sat on a wall
right on the rim
of the canyon
holding hands

An eagle had flown by
as they gazed
toward the west

he squeezed her hand

he had dreamt this vision once
but he didn't think it would
come to pass

he thought she would not be the one
next to him...
and she...

she thought she had lost him to another...

the night before
they had made love like teenagers
seasoned with all they had
learned about pleasing one another

she had started by wearing nothing more than a
and giving him a squirt gun
and having him
wear only white boxer shorts
they ran around the yard
squirting each other
until they were both aroused
and it was no secret
because it all showed
under their clothing

Her nipples were perky,
sticking up
and dark,
begging for his mouth to be on them

her bush was clearly not
just wet from the water

when she ran
her breasts bounced up and down
and his dick
got hard right in front of her eyes
as she squirted
him with water
facing him with her own version
of a wet t-shirt contest

and in his eyes
she was clearly the winner...

they were laughing
biting lips
and grabbing ass

when the guns were empty
their hands were full
of each other

she couldn't get his
boxers off quick enough
and he was pulling on her shirt
trying to rip it off
rather than
unlock their lips from one another

they stumbled backwards
into the room
falling quickly to the bed

she stradled him...
while kissing and caressing
she slowly moved down
his body

her long hair draping over his chest
at first,
and she tugged
on his nipples
with her teeth

then she kissed the line
down his belly
to his throbbing dick
she took it in her hand
and caressed it carefully
as she licked up
and down the shaft

The ridge was at high mast
and she took him into her mouth
and he fucked her face
watching her head go
up and down
she could feel his cum
and he begged her to stop
because he didn't want things to end early

she carressed his balls with her other hand
then the earth shattering
explosion came
and so did he
and she relished every drop
and swallowed.

She looked up at him
and smiled
at the smile on his face

"well now you have gone and done it." he crows

"Yeah I did" she laughs
"and so did you! But I am not done...

and neither are you."

They sit and talk about
whatever came to mind
and erroneous as it was

the time passed

with him leaned against the headboard
and her next to him but facing him
with her feet on the top of the headboard.

He reaches over
and slides his hand inside her thigh

and as they talk
he starts to play
with her pussy

she moves her legs apart and smiles at him...

"Told you so...." she laughs

and he does too

"you like that?" he asks

"ummm... what do you think? " she asks

he laughs,
and begins to finger fuck her
and watch her wriggle all over the bed
until she begs him

to let her mount him
which she does
and as she takes him
into her slowly
she can feel his throbbing
dick inside her

and she slowly rocks back and forth
until she is really close to cumming

his hands entwined with hers
their eyes staring into each other
with huge grins...

she starts rocking faster
then she slides down,
wrapping her legs around his
and pounding herself into his pelvis.

She starts crying out louder and louder
and then the earthquake of orgasms climaxes
and she stops so she can feel the spasms throughout
her body and his
and he can feel them too.

And then the sun is behind the house
her thoughts return to
the idea it is dark
and he isn't here
and she misses him.