Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday .... Friday Fantasy


Once during a discussion
about sex
and whether to ever measure
it's "greatness"
she told him
her favorite addage
"sex is like pizza...
even when it is bad
it is GOOD"

so their private joke
"I am sure craving
some PIZZA"

Now on to the Birthday fantasy

She had pondered for days
what to get him
for his birthday

they hadn't really known
each other very long

he had the monetary ability
and enough friends
and family
to get any and every thing
he would want for his birthday

She was of meager means
and couldn't afford
a lavish gift
but wanted something
that would stand out
in a sea of good gifts.

She had teased him
of joining her for a long walk
a long brisk walk
each day
that she had taken up
as her exercise regimen

and even though he was in good shape
she teased that if he could make
the long trek
and return without huffing and puffing
she would gladly
engage in any sexual activity he would like

What a great incentive
to walk
and get into even better shape

so the thought finally came
Pizza and a pedometer

what a great gift
and even though others might be
there when he opened it
they wouldn't see
the hidden meaning
of either item

She didn't have time
with the hectic schedule
she had
so she ordered the pedometer
online and had it shipped overnight
and not your run of the mill pedometer
where it was simply the thought
but a good one
with great reviews

then she stopped at the local pizza place
purchased a gift card
good for a pizza night out
and asked the clerk
for a large
Pizza Box

She giggled all the way home
and then she sat down
taped the pedometer
in the middle of the box
and printed discount pizza coupons
off the internet
she esp. liked the one
that said
2 toppings for one low price
and 2 pizzas for the price of one

and she carefully taped the coupons
and peppermints she picked up
on her way out of the pizza place
in the box around the pedometer

she closed the box and couldn't wait
to see the look on his face
when he opened it.
She giggled with delight

The evening came
they were going to a music venue
of his choice
and with his friends
but they had a few minutes
to spare before they left.

He picked her up at her place
but she insisted they take her car
so she could drive him home afterwards
if he had too much to drink.

She had the gift in the back
where he couldn't see it.

She was esp. giddy
thinking of what she had in store for him

They arrived
the music was great
the friends were all there

they sang and laughed
and cut up with him
as the center of attention

she stood back and watched
thinking he was such a great guy
and that she hoped things finally
went somewhere with this one

he had been good to her
in the short time
they had known each other

he was honest
told her great things
she liked hearing
he showed his heart
and his ability to truly care
and he was
great in bed.
Willing to please her
before taking his own needs
into consideration

She was looking forward
to seeing to his needs tonight

She had picked up some
"toppings" at the store
to add some fun to their lovemaking
and to go with the pizza coupons

The band stopped playing
and she asked if he would like
to step out to the car
to kiss and talk alone a minute

She had every intention of
giving him his gift

So they walked to the car
and she turned to him
put her hands on his face
caressing him
and looking deep into his eyes
" You are really something"
she whispered
as she kissed him
"I am really glad
we met"
and she hugged him tight

"Oh wait, what is that in the back of the car?"
she teased
as she opened the door
and retrieved the pizza box
and handed it to him...

He opened it
and laughed
his great hearty laugh

"I am ready for pizza now!"
He laughed

grabbing her hand and
showing her his hard dick
in his pants
She laughed
"Well, let's see what we can do
about that pizza order sir"

"Would you like the meat lovers
or the Supreme?"

"Meat Lovers" he laughs

She moves him around
to the back of car
in the dark parking lot
As she kisses him
deep killer kisses

she un-does his belt,
the button fly
and unzips his pants
She finds his hard
throbbing dick already
seeping through his boxers
She finds the open fly
and pulls him from the
tight confines

He moans with delight
and she moves down
taking him into her mouth
asn she carresses with one hand
and plays with his butt
with the other

He leans back with his hands on the car
watching her
with a great satisfaction

Her lips move back and forth
while her tongue swirls around
his swollen penis
she feels the ridge tighten
and she knows he is about
to explode and is trying
to wait as long as he can

She looks up just as he
tries to speak to warn her
that he is almost ready
to explode in her mouth

But he can't speak,
his words aren't there
just his ecstasy
and then a rush
of him fills her mouth
and she leans back
as he gasps and regains
some composure
and she smiles
up at him,
and he lifts her up and holds her close
and kisses her again...

"Happy Birthday sir,
How was your pizza?" She teases

"Best damn pizza I ever had"
he responds

"Now let's go do some dancing."
She states as he zips up
and she wipes her mouth

and they return to the party
and as they are dancing
an hour or so later

she whispers into his ear

"When ever you are ready
I have some "extra toppings"
at home, for your pizza
and mine too"

and he grabs her hand
and they are gone

the friends look around
later and wonder where
he disappeard to....

but by that time
there is mint flavored whip cream
on her nipples and he is moving down
to apply and happily eat
her until she begs him
to get the meat topping out
which is once again
stiff enough to drill a nail
into a 2x4

and he laughs
and she laughs
and they make great love
until they collapse
and then she asks

"so how many miles was
that on your

"I don't know, but
the pizza was great"
and I can't wait to walk it off

so that I can have some more
when I get back..... "

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well Hello Sunshine ... A Friday Fantasy on Sunday

It is about time I felt the desire to write one isn't it?

There may be graphic language then again, there may not
She had been to breakfast with a friend
and afterward
as she walked to her car
she took out her cell phone
and noticed she had missed a call
from him

"I called you at 10 and you didn't answer."
"You did? I didn't have a message..."
"I didn't leave one"
"Well, leave me a message when you call, and then I will know you called and get to hear your voice too."
"You know I am a man of few words."
"I know, but the words you do share are great."

She noticed she had a voicemail as well.
She smiled
She thought it had to be him, so she listened
and found
he would be gone by the time she heard the message
so she couldn't return the call

he was sitting in a deer blind somewhere
so he could cook steaks for her
when he downed a doe or a buck

His message said he would call back
later that day or the first of the week
She knew his schedule
she knew it was unlikely she would hear from him
before Monday morning
and that was ok
even though
she had seen him on Thursday
They had spent the afternoon
talking and playing
both with greater stress in their lives than usual

She was trying to date
it wasn't going as she would like
and it was feast or famine
and right nowit was famine
the last one had just made his exit

So the great deer hunter said
"Fuck him, the big fat fuck, he didn't know what he had.."
and she smiled
even though she knew
it was said just to make her feel better
it worked
and she thought of this as she hung up the phone
after hearing his message
She also thought
of how he had given her a Christmas gift she hadn't expected
and it was
a power tool
a new drill
she had mentioned wanting one
and she laughed
it was hilarious to her
that it was one of the best gifts anyone had thought of for her
and it was a power tool
They had spent a great day
among many great days spent together
but somehow this time
despite they were both under a great deal of stress
was even better
than usual

His job wasn't going well
he had been inquiring
about other jobs
and was under more stress than most of the time
sharing a lively libation
and some great flirtatious acts of intimacy

and as she listened to the message
she remembered fondly
the last two years
of stolen days
with a man who had treated her
with respect
and caring
even though
there had never been
any strings attached

Her day went on

She severed any remaining ties
regardless of how thin they were
to two men she had been seeing
off and on
and drove
by herself
to a Holiday office party

as she was driving
through the neighborhood
looking for a number on her supervisor's house
Her phone rang
she looked at the phone
It was him
She answered in a happy voice
although she was anything but happy
to be going to a party
by herself
when everyone had been asking
about whether she was bringing
the fellow she had talked so fondly about the last few weeks
she didn't have the strength to tell them
he had walked away
She said

and he laughed and said
"Well Hello Sunshine..."

and she suddenly had a smile
and the strength to go to the party
and something to look forward to

while they talked about drills
and Christmas
and the hunting of deer
he said
"I want to see that drill
next time I come to see you"
and she knew
she knew he meant he would come to see her
for her birthday
which is
what she told him was what she wanted for Christmas

A homecooked Steak Dinner
Music and Dancing
Like when they met on her birthday two years ago
and a night spent together

Now that is a fantasy
and she thinks
she thinks it will come true
after all,
she gave him a gift card
to the huge new fishing/hunting store,
and he will have to find a way
to come to town to spend it.


Postscript: Some fantasies don't have anything to do with graphic sex

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life's a Bitch and so am I

Yeah, I know
it has been awhile.
but here I am
I am back
and as my friend
dear Friend
has said today
or actually a day or so
after the date on this post
You should get
at least as much out of a relationship
as you put into it
it is a 50/50 thing
well my friend
I put in much more than 50
and I get
much less back
In a short week
very short week
I have been stood up
I have been lied to
I have been asked to put my heart on hold
and I cannot just freeze my heart
but as much as I would like to
I don't find much reason to
and so my actions from here on out
may cause that to be no longer as well
because I refuse to "not Live"
for an undisclosed amount of time
while someone collects themselves
and reaches out
when they have done the worst as far as I am concerned
stood me up
and lied to me about it

sad thing is
I knew it was going to occur
and yet I couldn't do anything about it
except let the day pass
and it has

I have told someone very dear to my heart
that I never wanted to hear from him again
for the pain he caused me
and the fear of others
that I would return to him and more pain
to go along with the pain he originally caused

I have accepted someone back into my life
Mr. Turnaround has asked to see me
and I am going to
although I think it won't ever turn into anything
except an occasional evening
of pure animal attraction and playfulness

and if I could be a bigger bitch
I am probably one today
maybe not bitch
but harder, more bitter, more guarded
that is what the actions
of Mr. Sullivan have caused
and he

well he is just thankful
that I am not spiteful
and I am not
I wish him well

and he says he will return
but I don't believe it

we all know
and if you didn't,
you do now

that I have a huge issue
with people "leaving"
my life
and it pretty much makes me

"DONE" with them
but here
here we are all friends
and I am thankful for those
who check in to see what is going on with me

I like coming over and seeing you too
until next time

try to get some xmas shopping done..