Friday, July 06, 2007


I love good onion rings
but nothing is better with them
than a great burger
and there is a place here
in this fair city
which is a great burger joint
with a sports bar feel
with just beer and good food
and I like to go there

but it never fails
when a guy asks me
where I like to go for a good burger
and I say

they think I am referring
to a local strip club
by the same name...

ummmm I haven't ever been there
but if they have good burgers
and great onion rings,
hey, let's go

anyway I told my son
this sordid story
one night as we were driving
to the post office
and drove by
said Strip club
which I didn't know was on that street

so he goes to work in another town
for a few days
and when he returned
he had a gift for me
a black
long-sleeved t-shirt
that had pink lettering
that said

Support your local performing arts
and had a silhouette
of a dancer on a pole

yeah it was funny
but I don't think I will
be wearing it anywhere
anytime soon

unless I get a really good
for how good the burgers are
at Babes, the Strip Club