Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Today is a busy day

Soak Blackeyed Peas for tomorrow
Work out
Clean up for lunch date
Pack clothes for beach excursion
Rearrange things in car
Mail Netflix movie back (The Holiday, 4 stars)
Buy gas for trip
Buy new headlight
Open new bank acct
check on existing bank acct
Pay rent
Buy ice for home and trip
Eat lunch at 11 with new date (scary)
get whatever I didn't get done before lunch done
lock up house
drive to coast
walk on beach
eat dinner at favorite restaurant
return to beach
spend the night
(motel or beach, not sure yet)
walk on beach
take pictures
drink coffee
drive home
cook and eat blackeyed peas for good luck
call friends and family
and wish them a Happy New Year
Decide how to get Muse's books to her

ok so that is a two day list
I will check it tomorrow to see how I did.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gift of Time

I have now known Mr. Duvall
for 4 years
or so it will be in about 3 weeks
and the first year
we didn't exchange Christmas gifts
and the second year
I gave him boxer shorts
with button flies
and he bought me a drill
last year
I don't believe we gave gifts
I kinda remember him
saying we shouldn't
but I am not sure
I remember the birthday gifts
I have given him
and the one I have asked him for
which is to come see me
on or near my birthday...

this year
before Muse made her exit
from my life
she was discussing a gift idea
that had to do with time
and I remembered
how Mr. D has been wearing
the same watch
since I met him
so I liked her idea
and did a small spinoff
from it
after sharing some ideas
I had
with her, so that she may have
benefitted from using them

I put the gift together
in a big box
and all the items inside
had a note attached
as to their part
in the
Gift of Time

I wrote out the card
that said
each time I see him
it is like Christmas morning
and the greatest gift he has given me
is our time together


The first gift was

It's Hunting Time

a headlamp that clips
onto a cap bill
so that he can hunt
under red light
and see where he is going
he loved it
but mostly because
he has to open gates with locks
early each morning
and he could use the headlamp
when it is dark out
and not have to use the lights
from his vehicle
(I was proud of this choice
because he actually really needed it)

A Time to Die
for the fleas and ticks that is
He hunts and traps feral pigs
and they are nasty animals
and more than once I have heard
about how he was the new home
for fleas and ticks
due to the moving of the pigs
a couple of wrist bracelets
similar to flea and tick collars
to help with keeping them at bay
and off his beautiful body

He asked if they work
and I said
I hope so

Time for Warm Feet
without me there to warm them

foot warmers
found in the hunting/camping area
disposable and cheap
he said he always wanted to try them
and now he can

Bed Time

New pajama bottoms
the last pair I bought two years ago
are wearing out
and a new look was in order
he opened them up and put them on
right then
New pantalones
as he puts it

Time For a Drink

A nice big bottle of Chivas
that he will not purchase
on his own
he drinks the cheaper stuff
until someone gets him a bottle

Time for a Road Trip

a silver flask
with a nice little feature
of an arm to hold to the lid
so you don't drop it
when you take it off to pour a drink

Time for a change

New boxer shorts
three pairs

he couldn't believe I could find
boxer shorts with buttons
at the local sporting goods store

Time For A Roll In the Hay

A token
that says
it is good
for a Roll in the Hay

he, of course, said
he needed a jar full of them
I said it was reusable
that I would only need to see it
not take it from him
then he was happy and smiled
and said
well in that case,
look at

and then there was

3 rolls in the hay

and the gifting resumed

Time for a Foot Rub

New foot cream for great foot rubs
that he says will put him to sleep
but they haven't yet

Shower Time

A small box of goodies
for the shower
that are his favorite


the big gift was a watch
since it was

Time for a New Watch

and he admitted
he had been wearing that watch
for about a dozen years

11 gifts for each hour on the clock
and months in the year
and then I said
and the best gift I can give you

is me
for the time we have together today

and he was so appreciative
and said he thought it was
the best Christmas gift
he had ever received
it was a great day
and that was just the beginning of it

I love giving thoughtful gifts
to those I love
but I have never enjoyed
anyone opening them
more than him

he fussed of course
stating I should not spend
my hard earned money
on him
and I said
I did it because I wanted to
and he said
before he left
he hadn't ever received
that many gifts...

and oh what I would do if
we were together more...
he cannot even fathom....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Favorite Part

She looked at the phone
and it was barely
a minute later than her last
the suspense and
anticipation of him calling
had her busting at the seams

the text messages had been clever
and flirty
and made her laugh
and his showed LOL
so she knew he was smiling

then the all familiar tone
of the cell phone cut the silence
she jumped
then picked it up and answered it

the conversation flowed
from initial introductions
to family background
and then common ground
she was smiling
and he was laughing
and a good time was being had
finally she yawned
and he heard it
and they looked at the time
an hour and a half had passed
so he asked her out
to meet in person
and she secretly jumped up and down
as giddy as a school girl
YES YES YES! her inner voice screamed
That would be nice
said very politely
hmmm where should they go
the discussion continued
they came to a decision
and a time
and it was done

for two days she worried
about what to wear
how to style her hair
what would he think?

and the day came
and she rushed around at home
after work
getting ready
a fresh shower
demurely seductive lotion
a little cleavage but a respectable outfit
not too much makeup but enough to make her feel pretty

and she showed up on time
he called to ask where she was
I am in the bookstore by the cards
where are you?
was her answer

about a minute away he said
and she pretended to read cards
until he arrived

they instinctively hugged and said hello
and turned and walked out of the store
and into a dream

he made her laugh
she saw things they had in common
he was a gentleman
yet she could see his ruggedness
he dressed well
in boots, jeans, and a starched shirt
his short flat top hair cut was a huge
turn on for her

and they spent two hours over dinner
which never seemed to wain
the conversation flowed
the food divine
the company uncomparable

they walked out
he touched her waist
held her hand
walked and talked along the sidewalk
they walked to her car
he stopped and kissed her sweetly
and then kissed her on her neck
several small
very sexy kisses
that melted her right into the ground
she giggled
he asked
she smiled
so, do you like me?
he asked
oh yeah, she answered
and you?
she inquired
yes, I like you he retorted
like how could he not like her

that is my favorite part
the time when it is new
and your flirt
and you aren't sure
but you think you might
spontaneously combust
from all the chemistry

a great first date

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tribute

For three years
Mr. Duvall
has been in my life
the story of how we met
is here
and many of our
many afternoons
and evenings

On nearly every occasion
he has felt the need
to tell me
he isn't
The man for me
and I knew he was right
but we have had
a very good run
of good times

and there have been times
two in fact
when I had thought
it was time
for us to stop seeing
each other
because I felt I had met
a man
that might be
THE man
but I was wrong
both times
and Mr. D
was the first to know
that I was mistaken

and now,
here we are again
only this time
I dont' believe
I am going to ever return
to our afternoons

but we will always
always be friends
Some days I think
it should end
but then it doesn't

One day
it will end
but until then
I will enjoy every minute..