Saturday, January 27, 2007


I have been sleeping better
Better than? you ask

Better than I have in years

I don't know if it is the new mattress
if I am just to the point
that my sleep is more important to me
than most other things

but I have started dreaming again
maybe I always have
but I am remembering them
or am conscious of them while I am having them

and I like that
I like waking up and trying to figure out
what they meant.

I also like who is in them
at least of late

*she smiles

and no, I am not ready to say who

why jinx my good dreams?

I am just glad to have them back.

Perhaps a fantasy writing or two will come of it...

I am off to enjoy the sun while it is shining and
it is warm.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Beginnings

She sat in her room
in the middle of the bed
with a small plate
of cheese and crackers
and ham

The tv was on
but all the shows were re-runs
Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve
just wasn't the same without Dick
so she flipped to a cable station

then she decided to forego
the watching of mindless television
when her dinner was done
and she turned it off
cleaned up her picnic
and turned to the book
she hadn't finished yet

She read until she went to sleep
and sometime in the night
she woke up
and turned off the light.

She wondered if anyone had called
to wish her a Happy New Year
even though she had the phone
turned to silent

There were two missed calls
both from the same person
who is a man
but one she and the muse
visit with when they go
to their favorite bar

they always try to get him to go dancing
with them
and he doesn't ever show up

He didn't leave a message

which was fine

She goes back to sleep
and wakes up with the sun
shining in the windows
and grabs her book
and reads until it's done

She gets up
gets dressed
and cleans up her room
before descending the stairs

to prepare a New Year's Day meal
for the Muse

Blackeyed Peas are said to bring
good luck and prosperity
and who would dare
to tempt the fates
by not indulging in a tradition
of such

The meal was great
the company better
and there was no man
in the picture

It was different
but not necessarily worse

Just different

and a good beginning
to a new life.

Happy New Year one and all.