Saturday, June 30, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

Waking up slowly

and looking at the clock

she noticed that the time

was much later than she usually


As she turned toward

the window

she realized

part of the reason

was the dark sky outside

She had plans today

that involved a long drive

and knew it was going to be

a longer drive

due to the weather

but there was no better weather

for the plans she had when she

arrived at her destination

He had called several times

in the last week

with a cheerful voice

she had missed hearing

in such a great while

and she anticipated having a great day

and was preparing for it


she got up

took a shower

shaving carefully

in all the right places

creating a perfect V

she hoped he liked it

he was the only one she had ever

shaved for

and he always commented on it

even though he had never asked her to

shave for him

she had just done it

to spice things up one day

and found out he liked it

She went for a pedicure

and a manicure

and drove home with a smile on her face

the nail polish color was name "naughty nightie pink"

and it was going to match her naughty nightie


He called as she was driving

and confirmed their plans...

and she could hear the anticipation in his voice

She dressed carefully matching

her bra and panties

putting on delicious smelling lotion

his favorite scent

she packed a bag of tricks

that he asked her to bring

but she knew he didn't need any help

and she stepped out

into the pouring rain

with her trench coat on

and not a blouse or skirt or pants


she knew it was a cliche'

but the weather

called for it

and he would love it

He always said

the fewer clothes she wore

the fewer he had to take off her

and she smiled just thinking about it

She drove in the driving rain

and the more it rained

the wetter she became

anticipating seeing him

after so many weeks away

She called when she was close

and he said the door would be open

she drove up the drive

hopped out

and ran up to the door

as she stepped inside

he was standing there

in his starched shirt



and was just taking his hat off

The smile spread across his face

and hers too

they hugged and hugged

and he finally said

he needed a quick shower

did she want to join him

and she replied she would be

happy to, if that is what he wanted

because today was all about him

she opened the trench coat

and his face lit up

and he led her to the shower

they played

they laughed

they washed each other

and in the exchange of

getting clean

his penis stood at attention

as if asking her to

take it in her hand

and help him have some fun

so she slid down the side of the shower

and took him in her mouth

holding onto his dick in one hand

and carressing his butt and thigh

with the other

the warm water streaming down his body

with his arms against the wall

she pleasured him

by licking and sucking

her head and hands going up and down

and him moaning with great pleasure

it had been so long

it didn't take him but a few minutes

to explode in her mouth

and crying out loud in ecstasy

she looked up and smiled

and he washed her face

and lavished her with kisses as she stood up

they stepped out of the shower

and he walked into the bedroom

she dryed off and

wrapped a towel around her head

and another one around her body

and walked out into the bedroom

The kingsized bed

had been impeccably made

but he had already pulled down the covers

and the pillows seemed to be

strategically placed

he was standing beside the bed

as she climbed on the bed

and was on her knees facing him

and asked

was there are special reason

these pillows were placed this way?

and he laughed

and she loved seeing him smile

and he replied

No... but they could be....

and he pulled her closer
and placed her
right on top of one of them
and knelt down in front of her
grabbing her ass and
holding her clit up to his face
he kissed her inner thigh
ran his hands up her back
and back down to her ass
as he flicked his tongue around her clit
teasing her
until she began moaning
then he pushed his face into her clit
and took her into his mouth
using his tongue to excite her
even further
she raised her knees
and used her feet to cause some
so she could move
up and down
as he ate her pussy
and it had been so long since
she had seen him
that it didn't take her long either
so after her third orgasm
he was summoned to move up
and kiss her
she wanted to feel his dick
inside her
but he had other plans
he moved up alright
but he kept moving up
stradling her chest
he presented his throbbing dick
to her mouth
and watched as she took him
in and out using her tongue
strategically to tease him
and make him want more
he had pinner her hands
so she could only use her mouth
and after the ridge had risen
he retreated
and thrust his penis into her clit
and they moved together
starting slowly
but quickly picking up the pace
until they were going to town
grabbing his ass
and her tits
looking each other in the eye
and smiling
until his gaze turned to determination
and concentration
and she knew the time was near

until one exploded into ectasy and then
the other
they laughed
they held each other
and she asked

Is it ok if I tell you
how much I have missed you?

NO! he said

Ok, she said, then I won't tell you

and so it goes,
the rest of the day
they romped and rolled
and talked and had a
great rainy day
in bed...

and when it came time to leave
after a shower together again
she told him
that she had made a mistake
she would not walk away again
it would have to be him
to decide when to call
Calf Rope.

And he smiled...

and they both slept like babies that night
and woke up with smiles on their faces

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friday Fantasy is Tomorrow

I know
it has been a dry spell
but I am still here
and there is a storm brewing
in my mind
I have a great one
to write
at least I think it will be great
and tomorrow
if I don't have a date
or do something with the Muse
I will write it

Stay Tuned