Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fantasy of a Lifetime

She gazed at the house
with it's big windows
large wrap around porch
stucco sides
rock chimney

She scurried
up the sidewalk
to the porch
with great excitement
She opened
the heavy, wooden,
into the great room
with a sunroom
off to the right
the fireplace on the right
in the corner
and opposite it,
the kitchen and
dining area
Her heels clicked
on the gorgeous wood floors
She looked up
above the kitchen
and saw the railing
for the room upstairs
with it's 4 beds
3 twins and one Queen
for family when
they come to visit
and she walks past the kitchen
with it's restaurant grade stove
stainless refrigerator,
and island sink and counters
with a bar
through the great room
and into the master bedroom
It isn't a big room
but it is big enough
for a queen size bed
and bedroom furniture
and they can both move
around without feeling cramped
the bathroom
has a walk in shower
without a door
shaped like an S
and a ledge for sitting
while showering
most of the S wall
is glass bricks
in the corner is a
spa tub
big enough for both of them
and two sinks
and the small
room for the toilet
and off to the left
from the door
is the walk in closet
they share
she walks out
of the bedroom
and into the kitchen
where there is a door way
to the sunroom
and office
as she walks through
she passes the
laundry room on the right
and finds just past it,
the door to the office on the right
the office is small
and to the back
of the sunroom
facing the backyard
just big enough
for a desk for him
and one for her
and a wall of bookshelves
She walks out
and sees the stairs
leading upstair
and the sunroom
to the left

As she walks
through the sunroom
she is so happy
she thought she might not
ever see it
anyplace but in her head
and she gazes out
past the porch
into the yard
and sees him
sitting by the pool
with a towel
and a drink
waiting for her
to join him.
The style is
A Craftsman Bungalow
similar to the picture
but not exactly

(My dream home)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


A man I saw
for a short amount of time
last year
around November
called me up
about a week ago
to tell me
he had dreamt about me
He wanted to know
if I was dating
he wanted to get together
to have a drink
and share the dream
with me

We got together last night
and he really didn't have much to describe
in the dream

but something else he said
stuck with me
he said that he usually doesn't remember dreams
he has
in the middle of the night
but if they are early in the morning
right before he wakes
then he sometimes does
remember them...

I know I dream
I know I dream often
I rarely remember them
but last night,
in the middle of the night
I had a dream I do remember

there was a nest of sorts
and a foal (baby horse)
was lying in the middle of it
he was "smoking"
there was smoke coming from around him
but there was no flame
and it didn't stink
I was just scared
to touch him
and someone told me
he was on fire
and he just looked up at me
with such a sad look
in his eyes

Then there was a naked man
with a thin, beautiful body
who asked with his eyes
for me to take him
to bed
and I laid down beside him
and began to stroke him
and he had the "perfect" dick
and it came alive in my hands

then he got up and walked away
and I went to find him
I had on a pink t-shirt
that had a cuss word on it
but I don't remember what the word was
I didn't have any pants on
just panties
and no bra

and I was walking through the building
trying to find him
I was in a building
that was my place of work
and I had on flip flops too

well, besides being nearly naked
I had on a shirt
with an expletive on it
and flipflops
which are both
huge no-no's
at my work

and I kept running into
people that are in a
supervisory position
or the "big wigs"
in our company

so it was very
and stressful
and it didn't matter
how much I tried to explain
what I was doing
and who I was looking for
I just felt
and room after room
restroom and halls
and large rooms with chairs

and then I was out
in the field
where the foal
was burning
and all that was left
was the smoke
and burned spot
in the hay where he had been...
and that
is all
I remember