Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Open Window by Matisse

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Icky Sticky Tricky Trust?

Hee Hee Hee

I won't look
if you don't look

ok, I won't look
if you won't look

but both look
when the other is
not looking

Trust is such a tricky thing
isn't it?

Sunday, August 27, 2006



Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Fantasy

It was all she could think about all day
She couldn't wait to get home
where it was cool and comfy
and enjoy the decadence
of the evening she had planned

The minute she walked in the door
She was met with temptation
Her enthusiasm was intense
The glint in her eye
revealed her true feelings
She couldn't hide her excitement
On the couch
she sat
ready to enjoy a few minutes
of pure ecstasy
where she was being tempted
to partake in
a moment of Nirvana

Her shoes off

the music on

She took it in her hands

without being coaxed

Her mouth could not
stay away any longer

Her tongue

swirling around

and around

as she caressed it with her hand

enjoying every second

moving it in and out

sucking lightly

moaning with pleasure

and finally
letting the sweet substance
melt on her tongue

The best things in life take but a moment
to enjoy

but sometimes it takes a long time to recover

She knew this was one of those moments

it was gone much sooner than she would have liked

she even used her tongue

in ways she never thought she would

to savor the last bits of a delightful experience

but it wouldn't reach

the bottom
of the
Chocolate Mousse
she bought
at Whole Foods

but had not eaten
with Mr. Beamer
on Tuesday.

But the smile on her face
at the thought of the
chocolate concoction would last a few days
while she walked in the evening to work off
the calories.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Fantasy

She heard a motor running right outside the door
She got up to see what it was
It was late,
so it could have been
any of her neighbors
but none of them
had a motorcycle

She looked out
and there he was
and asking

Do you want a ride little girl?

She laughed
motioned that she would be
back in a minute

She slipped her cutoffs on
and a tshirt
tied her shoes
put her hair in a ponytail
and bounced out the door

She kissed him
and threw her leg over the back
of the cycle
grabbed him around the waist
and leaned her body
up against his
kissing his neck

He had the stereo blaring
and as they took off
he reached down with his left arm
and caressed her calf
as they rode downtown

When he stopped
at the traffic lights
he turned and kissed her passionately

She was thrilled to have the attention
and he was very intriguing

Suddenly she noticed
he had taken a detour
and she wasn't sure where he was going

so she leaned into him and
asked him
where they were going

Oh I have a surprise for you!

she thought they were going to
a local drinking spot
with eclectic clientele
cold brew
and interesting food

He pulled into a park
drove all the way to the back
of the park
parked the cycle
took her hand
and led her through the trees

She didn't really know
what he was up to
but she wasn't scared

He had given her every reason
to trust him
and no reasons not to

Suddenly she saw
a blanket on the ground
set like a table
with fruit and salad
close by
in a cooler
wine glasses
and bottled water
were out as well
and as he led her to the blanket
and helped her sit down
she saw there were rose petals
scattered over the blanket

She gazed at the wonderful sight
of him preparing the plates
with chef salads
and placing bowls
of fruit infront of her
and over his shoulder

she saw something
hanging in the tree
He saw her looking
over his shoulder
and followed her gaze

He smiled
and told her

It is dessert. You will have to wait until after dinner.

and winked at her

They ate and talked
and laughed

He toasted her
and poured her wine

The food was wonderful
she enjoyed every bite
but she was enjoying him more
and he was quite
intoxicating to her

After they were done
she asked if she could
have her dessert now

and he smiled and allowed her
to retrieve the
package in the tree

She opened the package
that looked like a birthday gift
but wrapped in
plain brown paper

She was so thrilled
she reached over to him
taking him into her arms
and kissing him
with great passion

He pulled her to him
laying back
with her on top of him

After several groundshaking kisses
she starts unbutttoning his shirt
and before she knows it

They are laying on the blanket
totally nude

she climbs back on top of him
thrusting herself onto his
throbbing dick

his hands are on her
with her nipples between his fingers
holding her up

Slowly she turns her body
where she is facing his feet

She rocks back and forth
teasing herself
and helping him fondle her

They rock back and forth
having a wonderful time
making great love
they roll over and he
approaches her from behind
pounding into her
as they both moan with pleasure

finally they collapase
exhausted and spent

she reaches for the box
and as she does
she turns to him
and asks

So where is the cycle these keys go to?

and he laughs

you didn't notice it in the parking lot? You should have, it is purple....
and I cant wait to see you on it naked

well, let's go, you know I don't want to keep you waiting
she laughed as she got up and took off for the parking lot.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have been,

once again,

trying to post a picture,

that doesn't want to post...

If you find it here,

it is because

I finally got it to post...


the caption is:

Captured at 115th and Allisonville Road
in Fishers ( Indianapolis ).
The sign is real
and was up for about two hours
before someone stopped and
told them how to spell

I wonder if they come in long-stemmed!

What can I say,

RJ sent me this
in an email

I laughed so hard

and I still laugh...


well, nuff

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday's Fantasy: Eating My Dessert and Having it Too

Alex said I owe him a cake

So here is the Granny Bea
Chocolate Cake recipe

2 c sugar
1 c shortening or butter
2 unbeaten eggs
1 t red food coloring
3 t vanilla

3 c flour
1/2 t salt
2 t soda
1/3 c cocoa

Cream the first ingredients
and add dry mixture
alternating with
1 c buttermilk

When it is mixed well
1 cup hot (I boil it) water

Pour into a greased and floured
Angelfood Cake pan
Bake 320 degrees
for 1 hour and 20 minutes

And for fantasy
The warnings do apply here
some explicit language
and nudity follow

She tossed and turned
Sleep had not come easy of late
The light shining
In the window
From the full moon
Made it feel like dawn
Rather than midnight
Her dreams were
Fitfull and yet
As hard as she tried
To recall them
When startled awake
She couldn’t

She got up and walked
The front door
She opened it
And stepped out on the porch
To gaze at the
Huge round orb
Glowing and
Grinning down at her

There was a warm breeze
Flapping the leaves of
The banana trees

She sat down on the steps
Enjoying the view
And the breeze
And noticing how quiet
It was around her
No street noise
No sirens
No neighbors moving around

It was an intoxicating evening
And she leaned against the post
By the steps
Thinking of a man she once knew

Suddenly she heard a car
Approaching and a car door shut
He came around the corner
And found her sitting there
He had a box in his hand

He held it out
And smiled

She opened the box
Inside she found
A chocolate cake
And she smiled

She sat the cake down
And disappeared into the house

He sat down and waited
She returned with
Two large glasses of milk
And gestured for him to get
The cake and follow her

She walked around toward
The gate to the pool
Her white nightgown flowing
Behind her

She turned and smiled
And it made him smile

She sat down at the table by the pool
And he sat down with her

She reached into the box
And grabbed a chunk of the cake
She motioned for him to do the same

He followed her lead
She tasted the cake
And moaned with pleasure
Telling him how good it was
And that the icing was very creamy

He took a bite himself
And was paying attention to the cake
So he didn’t see her get up and walk toward him

She reached out toward him
With cake in her hand
And fed it to him
He did the same with her
And they exchanged bites
Until the cake in her hand
Was gone
She held her hand up
And licked the rest of the
Chocolate decadence off

She began unbuttoning
His shirt
And took it off of him

Then she unbuttoned his jeans
Unzipped them and pulled them
Off of him

He noticed the warm summer
Breeze was not as warm
As her hands
As they slid down his thighs

She reached for the cake
And took just enough
To give her a taste

She put it in her mouth
And waited for it to melt

While waiting
She reached into his
Underwear and stroked him

She got down on her knees
Using both hands
She caressed his thighs
Stroked his cock
And massaged his balls

When the cake in her mouth
Was melted
To a warm gooey chocolate
She shared it with him
By taking him into her mouth
Kissing, sucking
Her mouth was warm
And wet and velvety
With the cake

She spread the cake
All over his dick
Until he was
A chocolate cake Popsicle

She proceeded to suck
On him
Removing the chocolate
And bringing him
To a full, throbbing
That he hadn’t felt
In a very long time

He sat watching her
Caressing her hair
Whispering her name
And how great she
Made him feel

She wanted him
And she wanted him to
Want her

She rubbed his legs
Moving back and forth
With his cock
Throbbing in her throat

She slowly moved away
Pulling him to a standing position

She stepped back
And reached down
And grabbed her gown

She pulled it over her head
To reveal her nude body to him

She stepped toward the pool
With his hand in hers
And led him into the water
He followed

As hot as the weather had been
The water was tepid
Like after a long hot bath
Had cooled off

When they were in chest high water
He pulled her close
Passionately kissing her
Holding her
Hugging her
Loving her

She held him tight
Wrapping her legs around his
Kissing his neck
Grabbing a handful of his butt
And pulling him closer

He picked her up
Pulling her down
Onto his wet, slippery cock
Bringing her down on him fully

They both moaned with pleasure

She rocked back and forth on him
And he pulled and pushed her
While sucking on her nipples
She bent down and sucked on his
Ear… neck…. Face
While twisting his nipples
Between her fingers

She could feel the cool breeze
Blowing, making her nipples contract
Even more

Her shoulder bumping into sometime
Something hard
Like metal

She couldn’t figure out
Where that was coming from

Then she felt her head jerk
And she woke up
Leaning on the post
Sitting on the porch steps

Wishing for a chocolate cake
As much for the cake
As for the delivery man

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Specdickulation or BigTool4U

A new word that Amused Muse
and I created
at Happy Hour
while discussing

and their underwear

Yeah, we shared
which men wore
what underwear

It all came up
(pun intended)
when we discussed
an episode of
Sex And The City
where Standford
goes to a bar where they
only let them wear
their skivvys

Anyway, after we went
through the list
of men we both know
or know of,
through the other's life

we started
about what some
other men we know
might wear
or if they go

So all you folks
esp. lurkers
share your preferences
with us all

Do you wear
tighty whities?
colored tighties?
those that
are knit,
but longer than
tighty whities?
going commando?

My preference?
the longer version
of tighties, but
not whitey....

or boxers, made of silk

how many men I know
that have worn these?


number of men I know
who wore/wear
tighty whities?
too many!!! most in fact

and the rest go commando...
isn't there a problem with that?
there is for me, and I can't
imagine it being comfortable.

What do you like/ or wear?
Tell me ladies and gentlemen

I am curious...

Murphy's Law of Dating

or at least how it works with me...

My cell phone has been acting weird
ever since I flew home last Monday
I plug the charger into it
and the little light doesn't come on
but I wake up in the morning
and it has some what of a charge
or two bars of power.

Anyway, last night it wasn't even
taking the charge

so of course 3 guys called to ask me out
so one of them was Mr. Duvall
asking if I was busy Sunday
and of course, I am not

One was The German
who I have gone out with once
a very nice man
who knows when to call
and how to be polite
and doesn't ask those BAD questions
I have blogged about previously

and the other was a blast from the past
who rides a BMW Motorcycle
and we had made tentative plans
for riding his cycle on Monday
and I thought I would take him
to the Big V with Amused Muse

Then Amused Muse called at Midnight
and asked about my evening

well honey, if you leave me alone much longer
I will have a full appointment

You know, my phone hasn't rung so many times
in one day
for a very long time,

so of course, when it is not working properly
these things will happen...

I am taking it in today
will probably have to have a new one

but hey, My weekend filled up in a hurry
and it is a good thing

because you know what they say

idle hands are the devils workshop

or something like that..

actually, I just still need some distractions

and some attention will be nice too
not to mention

the Attitude Adjustment...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Fantasy


She stood in line at the airport.

Waiting for them to make her
empty her pockets
take her shoes off
in anticipation of them
digging through her purse
and carry on luggage

which was simply a tote bag
with self help books,
geocaching pages,
and her camelback
hiking backpack.

She hates flying alone
sitting by total strangers
who are not
the hunk of a man on the airplane
(there is usually at least one)
but they are
the unruly teenager
spoiled by a non attentive parent
or a
fat person,
ok, not just fat,
but morbidly obese person

and if the flight is full...
it is even more miserable

She read as she waited for the plane
She was not looking forward to the trip
or the reason for the trip

Granted, she would see family
but her family is,

like everyone else's,


Her mother nags her about moving back home.
She won't notice the tan
or the weight loss
or the gained strength

and when she gets her hair done
or her nails done,
her mom will fuss at her
for spending money...

granted, sometimes
it is rightfully so,
but right now,

given the current state of affairs

or lack thereof,

she needs something to feel good about.

She sits and reads and

she has been thinking about
what she is reading.

She boards the plane,
picks an aisle seat
with an obese teenager
in the window seat of that row.

It beats the alternatives
believe it or not.

She picks up the
SkyMall magazine
and starts skimming
she looks out the window of the plane

and she finds herself
once again
with her mind on a man

It is time to land and get off the plane
she stands up
picks up her bags
and is one of the first
to depart

She walks past the other gates
and is nearly to the security checkpoint
and there she sees

the smile she has missed

the eyes that look right through her

she smiles and then
the tears start to flow...

She had prayed and prayed he would be there
to pick her up,

but how did he know?

How did he know she was in this distant city,

so far from home?

She walked faster and faster,

they were staring at each other

so happy to see one another,

and yet no matter how fast she walked

she was not getting any closer to him...

She became frustrated
and he seemed to be as well

just then she felt someone touching her arm

and the

flight attendant

asked her for

any trash she might need to throw away
before the plane landed.

Sometimes the best fantasies, well
they have nothing to do with sex, but
they have everything to do with

Affairs of the Heart

Tuesday, August 01, 2006