Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Favorite Part

She looked at the phone
and it was barely
a minute later than her last
the suspense and
anticipation of him calling
had her busting at the seams

the text messages had been clever
and flirty
and made her laugh
and his showed LOL
so she knew he was smiling

then the all familiar tone
of the cell phone cut the silence
she jumped
then picked it up and answered it

the conversation flowed
from initial introductions
to family background
and then common ground
she was smiling
and he was laughing
and a good time was being had
finally she yawned
and he heard it
and they looked at the time
an hour and a half had passed
so he asked her out
to meet in person
and she secretly jumped up and down
as giddy as a school girl
YES YES YES! her inner voice screamed
That would be nice
said very politely
hmmm where should they go
the discussion continued
they came to a decision
and a time
and it was done

for two days she worried
about what to wear
how to style her hair
what would he think?

and the day came
and she rushed around at home
after work
getting ready
a fresh shower
demurely seductive lotion
a little cleavage but a respectable outfit
not too much makeup but enough to make her feel pretty

and she showed up on time
he called to ask where she was
I am in the bookstore by the cards
where are you?
was her answer

about a minute away he said
and she pretended to read cards
until he arrived

they instinctively hugged and said hello
and turned and walked out of the store
and into a dream

he made her laugh
she saw things they had in common
he was a gentleman
yet she could see his ruggedness
he dressed well
in boots, jeans, and a starched shirt
his short flat top hair cut was a huge
turn on for her

and they spent two hours over dinner
which never seemed to wain
the conversation flowed
the food divine
the company uncomparable

they walked out
he touched her waist
held her hand
walked and talked along the sidewalk
they walked to her car
he stopped and kissed her sweetly
and then kissed her on her neck
several small
very sexy kisses
that melted her right into the ground
she giggled
he asked
she smiled
so, do you like me?
he asked
oh yeah, she answered
and you?
she inquired
yes, I like you he retorted
like how could he not like her

that is my favorite part
the time when it is new
and your flirt
and you aren't sure
but you think you might
spontaneously combust
from all the chemistry

a great first date

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