Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tribute

For three years
Mr. Duvall
has been in my life
the story of how we met
is here
and many of our
many afternoons
and evenings

On nearly every occasion
he has felt the need
to tell me
he isn't
The man for me
and I knew he was right
but we have had
a very good run
of good times

and there have been times
two in fact
when I had thought
it was time
for us to stop seeing
each other
because I felt I had met
a man
that might be
THE man
but I was wrong
both times
and Mr. D
was the first to know
that I was mistaken

and now,
here we are again
only this time
I dont' believe
I am going to ever return
to our afternoons

but we will always
always be friends
Some days I think
it should end
but then it doesn't

One day
it will end
but until then
I will enjoy every minute..

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