Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME

Right after Thanksgiving

he called

he asked her to meet him

at the usual spot

She was so relieved

She didn't think he would

after the last big conversation

where she was concerned

about her health

and he thought her symptoms

more than just stress

although she knew better

She thought he was gunshy

and would not be back


or at all.

Perhaps the relationship


as she had dreaded

run it's course....

but then

here he was

on the phone

asking for her company

and she accepted

in absolute ecstasy

Their afternoons

are always great

and this one was no different

so she stepped out

on a limb

and said

"You know what

I want for Christmas?"

and he replied

with a bit of hesitation

in his voice

"what would that be?"

and she said

I would like you to come to see me

to stay the night

to cook a great meal

to eat together

perhaps a dance or two

and breakfast in the morning

and he was silent

and their afternoon passed

in a blur of laughter,

passion, and love

though they will never discuss it.

She knew she would not see him

the next weekend

he was attending a birthday party

for his granddaughter

in the far north.

Then the weekend

after the birthday party

she thought she might get

a Sunday afternoon


and then the call came

only he asked

if he could spend

Friday night with her

in her abode

She was so happy

and stated an emphatic


Then he asked

if they could forego

the gift giving this


and she replied

Yes Sir, but

You are already giving me

the gift I asked for

and later she asked

but what if I already

have your gift?

so he gave in

for once

which is rare for him

and then he showed up

on time

with a smile on his face

They played,

They talked,

They cooked BLT's

(favorite staple)

and they showered

the evening was all

she wanted it to be

and more

except for the dancing

which he explained

the last two times he had danced

had been with her

and they were far and few between

so she gave into that one

and she was happy

when he left her the next morning

feeling like her Christmas

couldn't get any better

He called on Saturday

to see how she felt,

if her back hurt, or she was tired

He called on Monday

because he was sick

and wondered if she was

and then she found out

he had slept

in a cold cabin

on a cold night

on a hunting lease

and he was paying for it

with a cold

or the flu

but no

she wasn't sick

He called on Thursday

and said

he wasn't calling again

because he had called

the last three times

she laughed

and he asked about her

weekend plans

she said she had few plans

he asked if she would like

him to spend Sunday night with him

Christmas Eve Eve?

Hell Yeah she would

what happened that she got this

wonderful opportunity?

she didn't care

she took him up on it

He showed up later

he claimed never again

at least not after 8 pm

and she shushed him

she likes when they get to sleep

all night

or almost all night

so there will be no

claims of never again

she put her foot down


They went to breakfast

after a frothy shower

and he dropped her off

with a hug and kiss

and she knew

she knew

it was the best gift she had had

in her life

even if he

That Man

he is

a Very Good Man

who is treating her well....

and in about a month

she will have a birthday

and she can't wait

because that is when he usually comes to see her

and it will mark three years

with an amazing man

that treats her so well.

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