Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Am Thankful

She had been cooking all day
The time had come
when she cooked the meal
with her mother coaching
from the sidelines

All she had tried to create
turned out great
and all at the table were thankful
even if it was
just her mom
her youngest son
and herself

As she took the last bite
of her dessert
she heard Johnny Cash
Burn Burn Burn
The Ring of Fire
and she looked at the name
and it was a potential beaux

Finally a man
Finally, a man, who calls on a holiday
to wish her well
and tell her
he is thankful she is in his life

now, it may not turn into anything,
but she feels better
to know
there are men out there
that know it is important
to call on a holiday
and it makes her feel special
and means so much to her.

I am thankful there are still good men out there.

After a year of
Mr. Turnaround
Mr. Sullivan
and a few others

she was beginning to wonder.

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