Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Today is a busy day

Soak Blackeyed Peas for tomorrow
Work out
Clean up for lunch date
Pack clothes for beach excursion
Rearrange things in car
Mail Netflix movie back (The Holiday, 4 stars)
Buy gas for trip
Buy new headlight
Open new bank acct
check on existing bank acct
Pay rent
Buy ice for home and trip
Eat lunch at 11 with new date (scary)
get whatever I didn't get done before lunch done
lock up house
drive to coast
walk on beach
eat dinner at favorite restaurant
return to beach
spend the night
(motel or beach, not sure yet)
walk on beach
take pictures
drink coffee
drive home
cook and eat blackeyed peas for good luck
call friends and family
and wish them a Happy New Year
Decide how to get Muse's books to her

ok so that is a two day list
I will check it tomorrow to see how I did.

Happy New Year!

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