Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Vision

It had been a long day
She was exhausted
Her bed was so inviting,
she propped her head up
on two fluffy pillows
laid down
in her freshly laundered sheets
with nothing but her nude body
to enjoy the softness of
the white cotton
500 count sheets

The TV was on Court TV
with the soft voices detailing
the most outlandish crimes of passion.
She intended to watch for 30 minutes or so
and then go to sleep.

The mattress moved as his body
weight pressed against it
She felt the shift in the bed
she turned to him
he took her body into his arms
and held her close
softly kissing her forehead
and cheeks
her knees entwined
between and on top of his legs
their feet softly caressing
each others
she nuzzled down into his
strong chest and relaxed
he continued to caress her hair
and hum to her

She loved being held
the safety, security
and feeling of someone
caring so deeply for her
far outweighed
the throws of passions
when she had survived
a long hard day
with the trappings of
arguments over inconsequential details of life
whether at work, or
with land lords, or
with children,

and here
here in his arms
it all fell away
and he was there
just for her....

then his voice reminded her
of someone famous
Dominick Dunn maybe

and then she noticed
the tv was on
and she had dozed off
so she turned it off
with the remote, and
returned it to the bedstand
took her glasses off
and hugged her pillow

anticipating the day
it was him
and not a pillow.

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