Monday, September 17, 2007

One Great Surprise

He called early in the day
around 10 am
and asked what she was doing
that afternoon
and she said
I think I will drive South
for the afternoon
and he laughed

They devised a plan
and she began her preparations

She drove south
wearing a very provocative
White top that was low cut
sleeveless and
tight, ok, kinda tight

with a great floral
black and white print
that was sheer and flowing
and lined with a black slip like lining
and commando

the music was loud
she was thrilled
to have a great afternoon
to look forward to
with great company

somehow she missed the call
but saw that she had
and it was him
he was there
he was going to get in the shower
but he left the door open
and would call back if
she didn't show up
before he got out of the shower

and she looked at the mileage
and knew she would be a bit late
so she waited for him to return
the call
and he did
and she said that she would be there
in 10 minutes or so
and she drove a little faster

When she arrived
she got her things together
and walked toward the door
Usually she knocked
and he answered
with a kiss and a hug waiting
but today
today the door was not shut well
and she knocked
and pushed on the door a bit
and as the door opened
she saw him
sitting on the bed
with the sheets turned down
and all he had on
was a smile

she was so tickled
she laughed
and walked in
shut and locked the door
and walked over to him.
She was beaming
he brought his A game
as he always did
and she told him
how much she liked
her surprise
and he told her
she was tardy
and was going to receive
a tardy slip
and she said she would see
if he would change that
to an excused tardy
as she stradled him on the bed
and he realized
she was just as ready
to make love to him
as he was to her....

Some great surprises
make up for some Crappy ones

and she received a
rescended tardy slip
and a gold star to boot

She can't wait til she is
summoned for a conference
down south again...
which won't be long
because they will be celebrating
his birthday very soon..

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