Sunday, November 22, 2009

Warm Brown Sugar Vanilla

Last night I made myself go out
You see I have been staying in too much
which is not the story for today

As I sat down at the bar
I noticed there were three
Three bald men
sitting at the bar

I found that humorous
and took a picture
sent it as a text to friends
asking if I didn't receive
the memo
stating it was
Bald Guy Night

One great friend
wrote back and said
I should just go for one of them
til I reminded her
about the last bald man
I dated
who she refers to
The Loser
she said that must have been
my perfume
so wear a different perfume

and that is where our story begins
plus I don't know
if I have told this story before
but I might have

The waterboy

he was so charming
and we had plans one day
to take a trip to Austin
and spend the evening together
so on the phone
he called
I was so excited
we made a plan for him to pick me up
then we discussed
how I had not
contrary to usual
brought him a surprise
and he responded
that he didn't
have any surprises for me

then later in the day
he drove up
in a new vehicle
that he bought in my town
so that he could have a reason
to have it serviced there
and service me as well
from the way he told it

we drove down the highway
holding hands
and laughing
having a wonderful time
I was smiling
he was smiling
we had a few drinks
checked into a motel
and I whipped out
the surprises
yes, even though I said
I had none
I did
my clock radio/cd player
so we could have music
and an alarm
and body glitter
that was a running joke
with the two of us
I talked him into wearing it
on his forehead
and we went to dinner
after working up a hunger
for food
by satisfying our carnal hunger
We sat side by side
more drunk than either of us
would admit
It was a decadent dinner
with the two of us feeding each other
and having a great time

when we got back to the room
he opened the back of the red demon
and pulled out a huge
not just big
huge gift basket
from Bath and Body Words
in the flavor of the post title
It had everything
bubble bath
liquid body soap
body spray
lip goo
and more
that I can't recall

I loved it
I wore it
I was totally surprised
he loved that I loved it
I wore it after that
all the time
until he and I
were no more
and then
then I couldn't
could NOT
even stand the smell of it
the reminder
of a time
when I was blissfully

that was 7 years ago

in the mean time
I have received gifts
from friends
and at Christmas
functions at work
that were similar
in scent
and each time
I acted happy
and brought it home
and put it away

and today
today I was cleaning
and ran across a box
of things that were packed
by someone else
and in it

you guessed it
one of those gift items
with lotion
and body spray
from a less expensive company
that was a gift
and I opened it
and I still like the scent
and now
just now
I think I can wear it
but all the memories it stirred up
were here in an instant
and I wish I had him here as well
but he took another path
and I wasn't on it.

1 comment:

Walker said...

Its of the past always haunt the present.
Just remember the good times and wear the scents of life as a badge of experience and be happy you had at least that moment in time.